Setting The Expectations Bar Low

It’s the very end of half term, the rain is still pouring and poor J has decided that he doesn’t want to go back to school tomorrow.  I’ll be honest, I’m quite looking forward to getting back into a regular routine and being able to crack on without having to juggle entertaining two children with the general chores. Don’t get me wrong I will really miss J but he needs routine just as much as I do and whilst he may be reluctant to get back into the swing of school tomorrow, it’ll do us all good, especially our wallets because holy Mother of Jesus they have taken a proper thrashing this half term!…

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Perfect Playtime Weather Permitting

As usual for my neck of the woods, it’s pouring it down. I am fairly used to the weather by now after thirty something years of it, but since having kids I have developed an inner hatred towards the rain. It’s bad enough finding ways in which to entertain two hyperactive little **** darlings, never mind having to do your best at being all round entertainer whilst being confined to four walls.

So far we have attempted the Pinterest picture perfect parent thing and made a fresh batch of play dough. The kids played with the warm dough for the whole of ten minutes before becoming bored and looking for their next fix.…

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Show Me Show Me A Great Day Out.

It was Pauls first day off this half term, he booked it especially as I had managed to get tickets for the CBeebies Chris and Pui Roadshow (based upon the TV show Show Me Show Me).

We all woke up fairly early, managed to get dressed and ready to leave the house without a great deal of fuss which I have to say is fairly spectacular considering that getting out of the door is usually comparable to preparing for an expedition to the North Pole. Even better, we somehow managed to transport E for forty-five minutes to Barrow in the car round windy bends without her painting the back seats with her breakfast!…

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Being In A Hump On ‘Hump Day’

For some reason Wednesday is now referred to online as ‘Hump Day’, I’m not entirely sure as to why they call it this, but having my brain in the gutter, I picture Wednesday’s to be the day when we are all meant to be at it like rabbits, humping away to our hearts contents. Obviously, I realise it’s because Wednesday is deemed as the half way point and so you’re over the ‘hump of the week’. Personally, I’m usually in a hump by Wednesday, this week I sure as hell am!

It’s half term, I’ve never really understood why parents moan so much about having to look after their own children until now.…

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Having A Valentine’s Vent

What is it with Sunday’s ? You wake up, register that it’s the last day of the weekend and instantly feel low. All of a sudden your weekend feels as if it’s over when it’s actually only half done. Suddenly all those jobs you’ve been mentally listing throughout the week must get done and they must get done today, damn it!

Realistically you have a hope in hells chance of actually ticking all those boxes before Monday lands but God loves a trier. It’s especially funny if you’re  desperately trying to carry out said chores whilst entertaining children, you can kid yourselves that your lovely little ones are sugary sweet little helpers, but you and I both know that you may as well be sweeping leaves in a whirlwind.…

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