Finding The Missing Pieces

I am aware that I suffer with a bit of the old ‘OCD’, I love nothing more than a clean house and cannot relax in an unorganised never mind untidy space. It was never really a problem, that was until I had kids. My OCD seems to have ramped up a few notches since having children and I blame it all upon the endless amounts of toys which I feel should be kept tidy, organised and obviously as a ‘complete’ set.

Trying to tidy up when you have children is utterly pointless, it is comparable to sweeping the pavements during a storm, a complete waste of time.…

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It Takes Two Baby

I have come to the conclusion that a four-year age gap between children is definitely the way to go. It’s not as if we ever planned on a specific age gap, it was simply that we got what we were given.

I am currently sat at a table watching my two kids run around yet another soft play centre, it’s the Easter holidays after all and whilst the sun may be shining, it’s still fa-fa-freezing outside! Once upon a time I would have been haring around the soft play structure at the speed of light keeping my little man company as he monkeyed around.…

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From Little Miss Windows To Mrs Macbook Pro

It became apparent a few months back that I may well be in need of a new laptop. My precious, pink Dell had become of a certain age and was starting to ‘go through the change’. My poor old laptop was suffering from over heating and the fan had started making curious, groaning noises. The battery was no longer able to recharge and so was replaced in attempt to rectify the issues and the whole machine seemed to just slow down no matter how many times it went for surgery with the resident IT Technician (my hubby). In essence, my laptop was simply ‘past it’, it even seemed to feel heavier in comparison with the ‘younger models’ now available .My…

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Toddler Milestones- The First Night Away

There are so many toddler milestones to look back upon, the first night away is always a particularly difficult card to be dealt for both parent and toddler. Here is our experience, well at least what went down over the weekend…

E is a completely different kettle of fish to J in so many ways, as with all children, they are all different. E has a completely different character to her brother, whilst she comes across as outgoing, full of beans and running with all cylinders fired at all times, it’s actually as if her bark doesn’t quite match her bite.…

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Techy Tablet Time & Kids You Tube 

As you know, kids are like magnets when it comes to tablets (or in our house IPads). I know that our two little ones love nothing more than to earn their tablet time and once they have hold of said technology, they are reluctant to give it up for love nor money. The thing of it is, whilst I have a love-hate relationship with tablets and my children, they can come in rather useful at times. I will openly admit (so shoot me now) to using tablets for the following:

Distracting my children enough so that they will eat certain foods, they are far too absorbed in the iPad to notice what may be about to enter their mouths.… View Post