The A Word & Eating Out

Its been a fairly uneventful Easter so far, whilst some of the fault for this lies with us for being far too relaxed rather than taking the kids here, there and everywhere as we normally do during the holidays. The main reason for our lazy outlook has been down to the weather. We would much rather stay in and keep warm and dry as the weather has been utter crud, we have had everything that the sky can throw at us from sunshine to rain to hail and even some flurries of snow for good measure! I thought it was meant to be spring, but apparently the weather has other ideas.…

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Losing Time & Springing Forward

Just a quick reminder for you all, the clocks ‘Spring forward’ an hour tonight (well technically tomorrow morning at 1am precisely but you know what I mean). This means two things … Firstly, lighter nights or in other words, having to convince your kids that it is time to go to bed despite it still being light outside. Secondly, we will get one less hour in bed as time magically skips forward an hour. Whilst I love the idea of summer nights, realistically it means that bedtime will seem like hell on earth for a week or so whilst our little lovelies adjust.…

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Having a ‘Good Friday’

My wonderful husband let me sleep in this morning. I say this morning, it was almost afternoon! I don’t usually get to lay in bed but it is something I really needed considering I haven’t been completely 100% since the terrible stomach bug the other week. Upon eventually waking I pottered around and worked upon the Friday chores such as stripping beds and putting washing loads on, all of which was far more laid back than usual and without my ‘little helper’. It felt like some sort of alternative universe actually gets jobs done without having to run back and forth mid-task to entertain a toddler.…

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Easter Is Finally Upon Us

How exactly is it March already? Nevermind that, how on earth have we got to Easter so flipping quickly? It feels as if it was only christmas last week, yet here we are with easter eggs hidden from the kids on the counter tops ready for the weekend. Whilst I allow others to buy our children chocolate easter eggs, I have never bought either of my children an easter egg because I know that they receive far more than enough chocolate from family and friends. Instead, I get each of my children a gift, this is usually a toy of their choice which they can play with, rather than yet another egg and even more sugar which will only send them dolally and result in us having to peel them from the ceiling.…

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The Daily Motherhood Grind- A Parenting Poem

Oh how I love them both, They are my World, my entire life. Oh how my World has changed Since I became a Mother and a Wife.

I smile when I think back to then, I laugh and shake my head. What did I do with all the empty time Other than relax and lay in bed?

When kids come along time speeds up, No longer is anything slow. And as much as we try to do our best, Sometimes we have to let it go.

How can it be eleven o’clock already And the washing still isn’t in? How can time disappear like this?…

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