The A-Z Of Parenthood- The Toddler Years Edition


A is for Age Gap because whether your children have one or six years between them, people seem to feel the need to comment upon your chosen age gap, whether it was chosen or not far that matter!

B is for Brat because at some point during their life, you will refer to your child as one of these.

C is for Clutter because having children means that your once minimalistic show-home that you were so proud of will become more alike to Toys R Us than the Next catalogue. Your living room will now consist of noisy, multicoloured lumps of plastic rather than colour coordinating, expensive decor.…

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The Accomplishment Parade

The past two days have been filled with accomplishments, I for one managed to tick off several items of my never-ending ‘to do’ list including arranging for a planner to visit our house to measure up and make plans for an extension.

For the past two years we have been hoping to extend our house. We want to build over the garage to create an extra bedroom and en suite for ourselves, then move J into our room and E into J’s room to provide both kids with a bigger and better bedroom, as well as a small study for homework purposes.…

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Living Arrows By The Beach

As promised, here I am again sharing my selected snapshots from the week as it’s Monday aka Living Arrows linky day. As I explained in my previous ‘LA’post, I will be sharing two of my favourite photos from the week each and every Monday. So here goes…

It’s not often I manage to capture the kids together, whilst sometimes they may both feature in a shot, it’s very rare that they are still enough for long enough to snap a decent picture of together, never mind with them both looking towards the camera. This particular picture is not only one of my favourite photos for this week but it is a shot which stands out so much that I think I may actually get it printed and possibly framed.…

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#LittleLoves Each And Every Friday From Here On In

I really enjoy looking back and summarising over the events that have taken place throughout the week, I find it is often hard to narrow down the ‘best bits’ from the past seven days. Listing things under headers and categories tends to make things easier for me to remember. I have therefore opted to participate in a weekly #LittleLoves series which enables me to do precisely this!

#Littleloves is a series hosted by Morgana, a parenting and lifestyle blogger who writes regularly upon her blog ‘coffeeworksleeprepeat’. #Littleloves gives bloggers like myself the chance to reflect upon the little things that they have ‘loved’ throughout their week, whether it be something they’ve watched on the box, a special event or even getting an extra ten minutes in bed one day.…

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Potty Training Day 1

For those of you that follow me on social media, you have probably already seen my posts and updates regarding our first day of potty training. The weather was glorious, apparently ideal for potty training according to all of those who have told me to ‘wait until the weather is warmer’ until I embarked upon the potty training palava. I decided to dress E appropriately for the task in hand and rather than putting her in the usual long-sleeved top and leggings or jeans with a nappy hiding underneath of course, we opted for a long-sleeved top, skirt and tots bots cloth trainer pants combination because less is more and all of that malarky, well it is certainly ‘more’ useful when potty training anyhow!…

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