Simple, Quick and Easy Book Shelving Solutions

If there’s one thing that a child can never have enough of nor be spoilt by, it’s books. Reading is an amazing gift, being able to escape into other Worlds through words and pictures.  I personally believe that reading should only ever be encouraged. However, I do find that storage for all those wonderful books on the other hand can certainly be tricky at times. There often isn’t adequate space in children’s rooms to store books effectively. There are however a range of storage solutions available ideal for this very problem…

I personally use a wardrobe to store the majority of the kids books in, then each child has a shelf in their room with a range of reading material which is rotated on a weekly basis.…

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Little Chef Living Arrows

It’s Monday once again, Bank Holiday Monday to be precise. If I haven’t already explained ‘Living Arrows’ is a blog series/ linky focused on celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday I will be sharing two photographs from the past week to celebrate childhood and as part of Living Arrows.

We love baking in our household, E is such a little chef and loves to measure out the ingredients, stir the mix and of course, most of all she likes to lick the bowl when we’ve finished. …

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When Baking’s A Bind, Make It Easy Peasy Lemon… Cheesecake! 

Whilst pulling pints in the local this evening I got chatting to one of my lovely customers who had a  hankering for some Lemon Meringue Pie. Sadly it wasn’t to be as it wasn’t on the menu and so I half-jokingly suggested that once back at home she should ‘don an apron’ and get baking. If you want something bad enough then it’s worth working for, even if it means going all Delia (or Nigella if you like to get kinky in the kitchen).

The customer laughed at the suggestion of baking and as the ‘customer is always right’ so they say, it got me thinking… There are times when baking can be a bit of a bore and it needn’t be, as there’s always ways and means to make things that bit easier.…

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Ticking Boxes #LittleLoves 

Can you believe that it’s Friday already? The weeks seem to be flying by recently. They do say that time flies when you are having fun, I actually believe that time speeds up the moment that you have children. That is all apart from those clock watching moments when you await ‘Daddy’s return from work’ following a tough day with the little ones.

So here I am once again looking back upon the week gone by with another #LittleLoves linkup, the ideal opportunity to reflect on the days gone by.

Just incase you missed my #LittleLoves post from last week, let me quickly explain that #Littleloves is a link-up series hosted by Morgana, a parenting and lifestyle blogger who writes regularly upon her blog ‘coffeeworksleeprepeat‘.…

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Bargain Bubbles Sensory Play

It’s shocking just how much money us parents spend on random toys and general tat for our little ones. Here’s a little tip from me, why not save some pennies and lather up?

Little ones love to look at the beautiful rainbow of colours which can be seen shimmering from the bubbles as they float by, they also enjoy the sensation of touching a bubble and the magical way in which they pop, join together and even bounce! Bubbles are a great way to create quick and easy sensory play.

I personally love spending time with the kids blowing bubbles which they can then watch, chase, catch and pop.…

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