Decorating Like A Diva

My bad, I didn’t have time to fit in the seven minute workout as planned. Instead, I did the one hour decorating dance which certainly got me working up a sweat, if not from the strenuous work, then from the fear of falling from the step ladders. I hate heights and yet there I was standing on bars not quite in the Coyote Ugly style, more like in an ugly, sweaty style and precariously balancing on wobbly step ladders.

I am quietly pleased with my accomplishments this afternoon, including driving the mountain of a birthday cake unaided to the venue. It was a drive only comparable to a Top Gear assault course, avoiding taking corners or breaking too quickly to avoid a smash, a cake smash that is.…

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Being Organised & Making Life Lists

Being Organised & Making Life Lists I am a list maker, I love the satisfaction of being able to tick off completed tasks. It’s like a mental pat on the back, because trust me,  it’s not as if anyone one else would ever give me a high-five for some of the crap that I write on my many lists. Christ, I’m almost certain Paul believes in fairies, the housework fairies that is. He must think the fairies visit our house and get all the little things done, either that or he just doesn’t notice the lack of dust and grime  (the latter is more likely).…

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Making Mountains Out Of Cake Hills

It’s taken a fair few hours to complete but I’m fairly pleased with the results of our cakey bakey day. Whilst it may not be a pinterest perfect creation, it has been made with love and quite a few expletives.

We had a pit stop at the local park, where we met up with my good friend Hazel (Hi Hazel, I did warn you that you’d be mentioned at some point on the blog) and her rather cute little boy Kieron. The sun was shining and whilst there was a chill in the air, the weather was glorious. I needed the fresh air as did E, let’s hope we have more sunny days ahead as I love getting out and about in the sunshine.…

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Retail Therapy Is Always A Winner

I should have known precisely how the day was going to pan out when the first thing I woke to was my husband raising his voice to our son. It was only 7.50am and already J had decided that he fancied having a try at being a teenager (he’s only six…). Apparently manners are no longer required and it’s now cool to use the word “sick” to refer to something you find appealing. Great, the first day back at school after half term and my son has turned into a London gangster.

Luckily once the boys had got out of my hair got on their way to school and work and left us in peace, us girls had a cuddle on the sofa whilst watching Ben & Holly riding snails like horses in the Little Kingdom.…

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Setting The Expectations Bar Low

It’s the very end of half term, the rain is still pouring and poor J has decided that he doesn’t want to go back to school tomorrow.  I’ll be honest, I’m quite looking forward to getting back into a regular routine and being able to crack on without having to juggle entertaining two children with the general chores. Don’t get me wrong I will really miss J but he needs routine just as much as I do and whilst he may be reluctant to get back into the swing of school tomorrow, it’ll do us all good, especially our wallets because holy Mother of Jesus they have taken a proper thrashing this half term!…

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