Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

E is currently going through the ‘My Little Pony’ phase, she loves anything horse or unicorn related especially if it happens to be pink or glittery. Oh how she loves anything that glitters… god help us when she’s older and it’s jewellery that takes her fancy!


The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

We were recently sent the ‘Baby Born Interactive Unicorn‘ from Zapf Creation to have a play with, try out and to share on this here blog.

Upon arrival, I was quite surprised by the sheer size of the parcel, I wasn’t expecting the Unicorn to be quite as large as it is and soon realised that this was one occasion when the phrase ‘the bigger the better’ certainly applied.…

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#MySundayPhoto – A Special Occasion

Welcome to this weeks #MySundayPhoto celebrating a rather ‘Special Occasion’.

The kids went to visit their Great Nana Margy this afternoon as it was her birthday, not just any birthday but her 98th birthday! They took her a card, chocolates and smothered her with cuddles to celebrate the occasion.

I doubt I will see 98 years of age but say I should, I would like to think that I may also be surrounded by family and friends in my own home, just as the marvellous Margy has today.

A Rather Special Sunday Photo

If you have celebrated your birthday this weekend then I hope you had as much fun as Margy, the Queen of our family.…

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#LittleLoves – Brian, Blogs & Bling

It’s been an action packed week with very little time to sit back and to do much of anything other than to chase our own tails. Despite being ridiculously busy I will do my very best to find a few #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so to share with you.


Whilst at the Blog On conference back in September I had the pleasure of meeting a rather lovely lady named Angela who blogs over at

I already followed and read Angela’s blog prior to meeting up at the conference but actually meeting Angela seemed to change things.…

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My Christmas Wish List

Writing Gift Lists

As you may know by now, I love writing lists, especially gift lists. I keep a record of all the gifts that we send and receive for future gift inspiration and as a record to reflect upon.

I like to spend time carefully thinking about what to buy for people, writing my ideas down before the event and then selecting a gift to perfectly suit each person.


Leaving It Till Last Minute

Paul is the complete opposite to me, he is a ‘seat of his pants’ kinda guy and will happily leave Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve and then venture in the Christmas craziness like a hunter on the prowl. …

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Bring Comfort Into Your Home This Christmas With The Nordic Christmas Fleece

I Love Our Home Comforts

Theres nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa under a soft, fluffy blanket for comfort in the winter time. We have numerous blankets and throws spread around the house most of which are of the soft, fluffy variety as our kids like to keep warm during the early mornings and of an evening when they winding down for bedtime.

I especially like to be sure that there is plenty of comfort spread around the house over the Christmas period, simple accessories such as pretty twinkly lights, festive scented candles and of course soft, fluffy blankets can make all the difference in bringing Christmas into the home.…

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