Easter Is Finally Upon Us

How exactly is it March already? Nevermind that, how on earth have we got to Easter so flipping quickly? It feels as if it was only christmas last week, yet here we are with easter eggs hidden from the kids on the counter tops ready for the weekend. Whilst I allow others to buy our children chocolate easter eggs, I have never bought either of my children an easter egg because I know that they receive far more than enough chocolate from family and friends. Instead, I get each of my children a gift, this is usually a toy of their choice which they can play with, rather than yet another egg and even more sugar which will only send them dolally and result in us having to peel them from the ceiling.…

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The Daily Motherhood Grind- A Parenting Poem

Oh how I love them both, They are my World, my entire life. Oh how my World has changed Since I became a Mother and a Wife.

I smile when I think back to then, I laugh and shake my head. What did I do with all the empty time Other than relax and lay in bed?

When kids come along time speeds up, No longer is anything slow. And as much as we try to do our best, Sometimes we have to let it go.

How can it be eleven o’clock already And the washing still isn’t in? How can time disappear like this?…

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Down With The Sickness

Being a parent can be really tough at the best of times, but during the hard times, it is especially difficult. This week has been particularly pants in terms of parenting, as I have spent the past four days suffering with a horrid sickness bug which completely wiped me out. Without going into too much detail, I will simply say that I have never been more thankful for the toilet being in such close proximity to the bath tub as I have during the past four days! I have often joked about taking part in crash diets to ‘lose a stone within a day’ but let me tell you- this particular episode has completely changed my mind upon such a thing.…

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That Amazing Friday Feeling

Whilst I may have woken feeling slightly shattered from another late night arranging photos into albums, I can finally say that it is all finished and I now have date ordered physical photo albums of each of my children which are up to date. One piece of advice for any of you reading this post, whilst there are endless ways in which to store photos online, there is nothing quite like the feel and look of a physical photograph. If you are wanting to go ahead and get your photos printed be sure to check out Truprints offers as I have to say (without any sponsorship or even knowledge that I am writing this whatsoever) that they are pretty awesome.…

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DIAGNOSIS A: The Truth Behind Diagnosis

I am blessed with┬áthe most wonderful, beautiful and bright little boy. He is the love of my life and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He is utterly amazing and never fails to make me smile, laugh out loud even at his wicked sense of humour. Our son is a credit to us and anyone that ever wants to criticise him will have me to answer to.

I have been contemplating as to whether or not I should document the following blog post, is it fair upon my son to share information upon him with the World? I made the decision to share this purely because I believe that it could help someone else, another parent or carer perhaps.…

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