Living Arrows Sunshine Days 

Welcome to this weeks ‘Living Arrows SunShine Days’ edition. The warmer weather seems to have completely converted my usual ‘get up and go’ into ‘chill out and slow’…It’s been a particularly slow going day, after cuddling a coughing toddler until 5am we were both fairly snail-like, thus this post is a tad late. Hey ho, when a toddlers ill you gotta go with the flow!

The Suns been out this week and usually hot weather inspires me to take uggins of photos, this week it seems I’ve been too busy soaking up the sun and having fun, but then that’s what life’s all about right?…

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Teacher Through and Through 

I may not be materially rich but I am rich in so many other ways. I am incredibly lucky to have my two amazing children and of course my fantastic fella, Paul. Whilst I may have the occasional moan about not having a ‘proper job’ , I have a feeling that perhaps this is how it is meant to be for now as apart from my career, my life is pretty perfect.

I have always said that I wanted to be able to spend time actually being with my children as they grow up. Whilst my career may not be entirely as I’d imagined, I at least have the chance to fulfil my dreams of ‘being there’ for my kids each and every day, then later pulling pints for a few hours to bring in some pennies.…

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#LittleLoves- Turning Back To My Twenties & Other Cheesy Delights

I cannot believe that it is Friday yet again, seriously where does time go? As always on a Friday, here are my #LittleLoves from throughout the week.



This week there are two words which have cropped up continuously whilst I have been reading other blogs (as I do on a daily basis) and those are ‘BritMums Live‘. BritMums is apparently “the UK’s buzziest social media conference and blogger event, where lifestyle bloggers and social influencers gather to meet and socialise, network with brands, improve their skills, and fire their creativity. BritMums Live has grown out of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogger community, made up of nearly 8,000 influential bloggers who create content about lifestyle, crafting, food, health, travel, education, tech, style and more.”

I want to go, OH MY GOD, I SOOOO WANT TO GO!!!…

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A Top Tip For Baby Massage

For parents that practice massaging their babies and children, it is certainly worth knowing that Baby Oil is not the best thing to be using on your child’s skin. Baby Oil does not soak into the skin, instead it simply makes the skin greasy. Baby Oil can also block the pores and cause irritation due to the perfumes often used even in the more sensitive brands.

Rather than using marketed and usually over-priced baby oils, it is far better for your both your child’s skin and your own to simply use Olive Oil or alternatively, Grape Seed Oil. Not only is it better for skin but it is also better for your spends as it is far more cost-effective!…

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Ever have those days when no matter how hard you try to do your very best, luck is just against you? That seems to be how today has gone…

The new sofa from Harvey’s FINALLY arrived following a five month wait. We are still waiting for the matching recliner chair, but that’s another matter. As expected the delivery men managed to catch me in my dressing gown, shiny with sweat from having lugged the old sofa to the opposite end of the room and hoovering the space where it had once been which was littered with raisins, Cocoa Pops and other random kids snacks that had managed to sift through our previous sofa.…

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