#LivingArrows – Goldilocks Weather

It’s Monday again and with the start of another week brings another #LivingArrows post. Living Arrows is all about celebrating childhood, the project originally took its name from a poem written by Kahil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

Each and every Monday I share a couple of snaps of my ‘little snappers’ to join as part of the #LivingArrows linky along with other bloggers.

The autumn sunshine came out to play this afternoon and so following the school run I made the best of the beautiful weather and took the kids to the park to run some energy off.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Building Progress

It’s been a fortnight since the builders began working on our extension. There have been many people that have commented on how quickly things seem to be coming together, whereas I am quietly tapping my fingers willing things to speed up a little more.

I realise that Rome wasn’t built in a day but I wish it could have been! I don’t mind the builders being around, I don’t even mind the endless cups of tea and biscuits. I do however mind being cut off from my utility room and therefore having to undergo an assault course each and every time I wish to put a wash load on, that and having to manage with a single bathroom between a family of four.…

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Autumn Bucket List

My favourite month of the year has arrived and I am silently buzzing with anticipation for all of the autumn activities which will soon take place. To be sure that I achieve everything I have planned I decided to make an autumn bucket list, here goes!

Finally visit ‘London’ as a family and meet my beautiful new Nephew! Go to Hamleys and get caught up in the christmas craziness Design and carve a Halloween pumpkin with each of the kids. Create Halloween decorations for the house Collect leaves to make an autumn collage from Create a leaf crown Make Halloween themed biscuits/ cakes Dress up in Halloween themed clothing Go trick or treating together as a family Watch Harry Potter snuggled under blankets Read The Worst Witch books cuddled under a duvet Rock wearing chunky knit cardigans and Ugg boots Bring out the browns in terms of makeup shades Buy some new autumn themed leafy hair slides Make Gingerbread Go to a bonfire, watch a fireworks display and have some sparkler fun.… View Post

#LittleLoves – Catalogues, Christmas and Cardigans

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LittleLoves, apologies for the late post but my children have both been absent from school due to a random outbreak of gastroenteritis which seems to have bypassed my children thank god but has shut the school resulting in an unplanned family day rendering me exhausted.


You can tell Christmas is coming when the Smyths catalogue lands on your mat. Not only do the kids both love looking through all the amazing toys in this catalogue but I too get a little giddy too! I can’t wait for Christmas this year, partly because the extension should be done and dusted by then but mainly because Christmas is just magic isn’t it?…

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Diagnosis Delivered

The Waiting Game

It’s been almost five and half years since I first suspected that our son may be on the spectrum.

Since then we have battled our way through endless appointments, travelled hundreds of miles and have spent what feels like forever waiting for a diagnosis.

It doesn’t seem right that diagnosing a child with any issue should take five years, whilst ASD may be a complex disorder it isn’t something which I myself see as particularly difficult in identifying. It is simply the lack of services that seems to cause the hold up and that is not just local but a national issue.…

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