Happy New Year! 2017 Has Officially Arrived

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2017 has officially arrived so the celebrities can all relax. Lets hope that 2017 is filled with fun, friends, health and wealth for us all.

New Years Eve

Paul and I put the kids to bed at the usual time then settled down on the sofa to read through our Happiness Jar, a tradition which we carry out each and every year. We then shared a few drinks, had a rather lengthy game of Cards Against Humanity and watched the fireworks in London on the BBC.

I, as always threw Paul out of the back door at a couple of minutes to midnight and welcomed him (and the new year) into the house at the strike of midnight.…

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2016 – The Best Bits

2016 has been one hell of a year, it’s surreal looking back at how much we have done, how much we have achieved and just how much has changed over the past twelve months. Here are a few of the ‘good points’ from the past year.

We finally replaced the old, rusty inbuilt dishwasher with a brand spanking new slimline version. We got a new tumble dryer (only because the other burst into flames but still it’s new and it works far better than its predecessor). We finally got a new leather reclining sofa and chair which may have taken months to receive but was well worth the wait.… View Post

My 2017 Bucket List 

Rather than write a list of resolutions for the new year which I could never commit to nor achieve, I decided to write a ‘Bucket List’ of wishes and things to aim towards in 2017.

I am far more likely to achieve a few of the points listed and as a result feel far more accomplished come December 2017 when reflecting upon resolutions I would no doubt fail and add to yet another ‘one day’ list…

So here goes with my Bucket List for 2017…

My 2017 Bucket List

Get a new job (one which pays well per hour and allows me to work more sociable hours).… View Post

#LittleLoves – The Last Of 2016

Welcome to the last #LittleLoves post for 2016. It’s been a fantastic, festive, fun-filled week surrounded by family and friends. There is so much that I could write for this post that it is actually quite hard to narrow it down to my usual headings.


It’s been that busy this week that I have read very little in terms of books. I am still wading my way through Cecelia Ahern’s ‘100 Names’ which I am greatly enjoying.

I have also read quite a few blog posts mostly Christmas orientated from fellow bloggers but other than that I can’t say I have really delved into anything different.…

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Our New Years Eve Tradition – The Happiness Jar 

For the past four years Paul and I have taken part in a year round tradition which we refer to as ‘The Happiness Jar’. Throughout the year we write down special memories, positive points, good times and such like onto small pieces of a small piece of paper which we date, fold and place into the Happiness Jar.

Upon New Years Eve Paul and I empty the jar into a large bowl and spend an hour or so taking turns to read each piece of paper out loud sharing our special times and reflecting upon all the happy memories from the year gone by.…

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