#MySundayPhoto – Thrilled To Bits

It was an everyday Sunday up until about an hour ago when I was asked a rather special question by a rather special friend and when I say special I am in no way suggesting anything untoward regarding said person! 

I wasn’t entirely sure what to share with you today as I have been somewhat lacking on the old photo front this week. I therefore decided to hunt through past photos to find something which felt apt to share given that I have just been asked to be A BRIDESMAID!!!!

It will be my first time as a Bridesmaid and whilst it may not be until 2019, I cannot tell you how honoured, excited and utterly thrilled I am for both of my friends who are finally tying the knot and of course for being asked to join them on their special day.…

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Making Less Mess At Meal Times With The Beach Huts Wipe Easy TableCloth

Since having children I have found that there are a number of essential items which I can no longer live without. How I ever survived before children without carrying wet wipes I will never know. How we ever ate from a table without some form of protective cloth or covering is also questionable.

Following having our first-born I very quickly realised that meal times were akin to painting in that they were equally as messy. I quickly purchased a tablecloth to protect the table during meal times and to add a smidgen of colour to our rather dated kitchen.

We have used a tablecloth ever since to keep the table permanently protected as our children not only eat at the table but they also enjoy colouring carrying out various creative and rather messy activities such as painting, using play dough, using clay, baking and colouring.…

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Creative, Comical Fun With The Googly Eyes Board Game

The weather’s miserable, E has been choked up with the latest bug doing the rounds and we’ve started suffering with four wall syndrome. What better way to pass the time than to play a few board games?

Over the years we’ve collected a rather large amount of board games which we store in what we now refer to as our ‘Bored Cupboard’ because if your ever feeling bored you’re sure to find something to entertain you within the bored cupboard!

Googly Eyes

We were recently sent the ‘Googly Eyes’ board game from University Games to rate, review and add to our ‘cupboard collection’.…

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#LittleLoves – Books For Bloggers & Bobble Hats

I literally feel as if I have not stopped this week, I cannot seem to catch a break. E hasn’t been at all well with what started as a cold and now seems to have developed into an ear infection. I’ve suffered with an infection following my recent tooth extraction and I’ve been so busy with house-work, work-work and looking after my little ones that my body has become run down.

As you may have gathered, I haven’t had a great deal of leisure time but I will share a few of those very brief moments that I somehow managed to park my backside and catch my breath.…

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Less Panic More Peppa

Today has been a total wash out, E and I have spent most of the morning curled up in our jim jams following an all-nighter with the latest bug to hit the household.

It started at around 1.30am this morning when E woke coughing and unable to catch her breath. I scooped her out of bed, located her inhaler and began administering the usual calpol, cough syrup and piriton in hope that it may relieve E’s symptoms.

I was a midges doo dah away from ringing an ambulance as each time E coughed she would become breathless and panicked. She wasn’t the only one that was panicking!…

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