#LivingArrows – Snakes & Sleepovers 19/52 (2019)

Talk about a busy weekend; we literally didn’t stop for a moments rest, well I didn’t at least. I swear my children think I’m their roady, I’m forever ferrying them to and fro various events.

E spent the entire weekend being the social butterfly that she is, attending not one but two birthday parties and a sleepover at her Grandparents. Having dressed to impress with sparkles galore, E arrived at the party brimming with confidence, so much so that she was happy to add further accessories to her outfit in the form of a snake…

That’s right, my precious little princess decided to rock wearing a reptile and whilst at it, she made friends with a frog, stroked some rats, petted a tortoise and lounged with a lizard.…

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Plate Juggling & Prioritising

Life is hectic at present; I don’t often get the chance to sit and to write much of anything these days, apologies therefore if you may have found my blog to be a little bland of late. If I’m not busy working (which I’ve never been happier to do) then I’m either running around getting the kids or the house into shape, either that or chauffeuring one or the other child to or from their various after-school activities.

Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer being busy to feeling at a loose end; I am far happier when my mind is occupied than at rest.…

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#TheOrdinaryMoments – A Grand Day/ Night Out

Every few weeks my parents very kindly have the kids overnight; it gives Paul and I the chance to relax a little whilst the kids spend time with their Grandparents. We don’t pack much in terms of clothing as my Mother is an eBay addict and is forever buying bundles of clothes for the kids, which they come home wearing the following day. However, we are always sure to pack their walking boots and wellies as whilst there, they usually head out for a hike with the crazy but cute dog.

Although I miss having the kids at home, it does us all a World of good to break the routine and to have a night out.…

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#MySundaySnapshot – Summit Special 19/52 (2019)

Welcome to this weeks #MySundaySnapshot post, which is part of a blog-linky series that you are very welcome to join. Click here for further information and guidelines upon this linky should you wish to take part.

Excuse my silence throughout the week, I’ve been somewhat occupied with work related excursions for the past few days. Whilst on my travels I got snap-happy following a slightly challenging climb to the summit of what felt much-like a mountain, it was there that I was reminded of my fear of my heights, that and my apparent lack of fitness.

My legs (and the rest of my body) may well ache at present but it was well worth the climb, if only for the jaw-dropping spectacular views. …

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#LivingArrows – Bank Holiday Brain Freeze 18/52 (2019)

We didn’t really make any plans for the bank holiday, we’ve enough going on over the next few weeks without adding further outings to the list. We decided to keep things simple by enjoying a lazy morning sofa surfing in our pjs before a picnic lunch and an outing to the beach with the basset.

Having taken our usual route along the shore, we made our way back by the park, opposite which resides the beach cafe. J & E had their heart set on having ice creams, but I was well aware that with it being a bank holiday our chances were slim.…

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