Living Arrows – Fun In The Sun

We were fairly lucky with the weather again this week. The radio was playing, the windows were open, the parasol put up and the garden toys came out. Here are two of my favourite sunny shots from this week to celebrate Living Arrows.

Little Miss Sunshine

The Pair Of Them In The Paddling Pool

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your ‘Living Arrows’ either through your own posts or comments upon this post.…

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Parties Of The Past And Plans For This Year

I love a Party, I especially love organising parties. I love writing the endless lists and carrying out the precision planning to pull off the perfect party with fabulous food, delicious drinks, great games, marvellous music and dashing decor. Whilst you may begin with paper, a pencil and good intentions, it’s amazing how quickly it all falls together to become the perfect day with happy guests and most importantly, a beaming birthday boy/ girl.

For J’s first birthday we had a simple family gathering with a buffet lunch in the garden. We invited our family and spent the afternoon playing with J in his new sandpit/ water table and chatting over ice cream.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Fiction and Fluff

#MySundayPhoto is a weekly link up hosted by Photalife for anyone and everyone. I have decided to make this a regular Sunday feature to lift my spirits at the end of the weekend.

Here is my contribution for this weeks #MySundayPhoto, a rather splendid picture (if I do say so myself) of my beautiful daughter chilling out in our bedroom with her fiction and fluff.

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The Good Days And The Bad 

When I have a good day it’s a really, really good day and when I have a bad day which there seems to be more of for me, it’s pretty bleak. I don’t actually have any in between days, it’s just one or the other. I’ve tried the meds and whilst they do a grand job of mellowing things out a little, they can make me feel like life isn’t really real, it’s just a movie playing in the background. It’s hard to explain but for those of you that suffer with the so-called ‘black dog’ or depression (there I said it) I am pretty sure that you will get where I am coming from.…

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#LittleLoves – Slacking In The SunShine

Welcome to another week of #LittleLoves. It’s been a fairly busy week in terms of slacking off, in other words, I have spent most of my time outside in the garden soaking up the sunshine with the kids. Well why not? Summer only comes for a short amount of time in sunny England, we have to make the best of it before the sun naffs off back to the Bahamas.

So without further ado, here are my #LittleLoves for the past week.


This week I haven’t done a great amount of reading, other than blogs that is. One particular blog which seems to have stood out for me this week is Laura’s Lifestyle & Parenting Blog ‘Dear Bear And Beany’

I particularly love the design and layout of this blog, it was thanks to this blog that I decided to take the plunge and to buy a new theme for my own blog.…

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