Tech For Tots With Kidoland

Like most children these days my kids love their tablets and I’m not referring to the daily dosage of vitamin supplements that I sneak into their food.

Tablet Time

Whilst I don’t mind the kids using the IPads for educational and entertainment purposes I certainly have some strict rules and regulations when it comes to limiting their time and the content on their tablets. I keep a very close eye on what the kids are playing, viewing and using on their tablets as I am more than aware of the dangers of technology these days.

Thankfully I’ve found that there in fact are a range of apps which tick the parental boxes and are actually able to offer our children some form of educational entertainment which is a hole lot better than the endless hours of random surprise eggs and other youtube clips that kids seem to binge-watch these days.…

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#LittleLoves – Little Princesses, Lego & Lunch Box Madness

And just like that another week has flown by! I’m sure as hell that time speeds up as we get older because it feels as if I’ve barely slept since last Friday. Mind you saying that I haven’t really slept very well at all this week with E having caught the latest bug doing the rounds.

Thankfully E seems to be on the mend now but following a week sharing a bed with an octopus, I am still in Zombie mode so bear with me as I try to pull together a few #LittleLoves to share with you.


I’ve barely had time to fart this week never mind read a book!…

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Ten Questions For Fifty Shades Anastasia Steele 

Having read all three of the ‘Fifty Shade’s books and watched both of the movies I guess that you could call me a Fifty Shades fan but I’m not sure whether I’d thank you for that tagline.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no denying Christian Grey ticks a few boxes being filthy rich, having a pilot’s license and taking care of his ladies in the rather extravagant manner that he does. Realistically though if I were ever to meet Christian Grey I know for sure that we simply wouldn’t and couldn’t get along as I cannot be doing with money mad people nor can I cope with being told what to do.…

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The Long And Short Of It

With trying to cut costs I’ve somehow ended up putting myself bottom of the pile once again (as us Mum’s tend to do) and after putting off general upkeep for a few months I am beginning to feel like the dreary old wife in much need of an update.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not gone totally feral and grown a full-blown moustache and a mono brow, thing’s aren’t that bad yet. I’ve withheld from splashing the cash on luxuries such as new makeup, hair cuts, massages or such like and it’s been that long now that it’s becoming fairly apparent.…

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My Little Helper And The Casdon Hetty Mop And Bucket Set

As you already know I’m a bit of a OCD freak especially when it comes to cleaning the house. I have a daily routine which I try to get out of the way whilst E is at Nursery but as this isn’t always the case, there are times when the children are asked to be patient whilst Mummy here runs around trying to get things sorted and shiny-clean so that we can get on with our day.

E often tries to get involved with the cleaning but as she is still a little small to be pushing around a heavy hoover or sweating over a steam mop, I go for the safer option and usually hand her a damp cloth and ask her to wipe the surfaces instead.…

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