The Benefits Of Board Games – What A Performance!

The Benefits Of Board Games

We have a cupboard in the living room filled to the rafters with board games, they are such a simple yet effective way to spend time together as a family. Our family has a busy schedule with work, school, nursery and a whole host of extra curricular activities, I often feel that there is little time for us to get together and relax, chat, giggle, and simply enjoy being a family.

Board games are a fantastic tool for the promotion of communication, providing a relaxing atmosphere to laugh, share stories and to let off some steam.…

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Getting Into The Christmas Spirit – How To Make Mulled Wine

Christmas Is Coming

With Christmas well on the way I can’t help but to indulge in some of the many Christmas treats which seem to call to me from their display shelves as I try to carry out an innocent top-up shop for all things nutritious.

Rather than chowing down on chocolate coins, mince pies or pigs in blankets I opted to treat Paul and I to a little ‘festive spirit’, by which I am of course referring to wine, mulled wine that is.


Any Excuse For A Knees Up

It may only be November but it’s sodding cold out there and a hot drink is the ideal winter warmer.…

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#TuesdayTreasures 22/11/2016

Ahoy Matey! Welcome Aboard #TuesdayTreasures

Welcome to this weeks #TuesdayTreasures blog linky share. #TuesdayTreasures is for bloggers from all walks of life, whether you are a parenting, lifestyle or any other type of blogger you are welcome to join in and to share your posts new and old.

The Blog With The Booty

Each week one post which has been added to the #TuesdayTreasures linky is selected by myself to share with you all.

This week I greatly enjoyed reading a ‘feel good’ post from AmyandTots. I love to look at the positives in life, sharing the things that I love and of course reading what it is that my friends and fellow bloggers love about life.…

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#LivingArrows – Road Closure

Some time on Thursday night a lorry decided to ram into the bridge that connects us to the next village, the road has since been shut and we are having to use the back roads to take the children back and forth to School and Nursery.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem as it usually takes the same amount of time to commute using either road. However, now that the main road is shut every man and their dog are using the back roads.

The back roads are narrow and aren’t really suitable to carry such a large amount of traffic. …

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Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

E is currently going through the ‘My Little Pony’ phase, she loves anything horse or unicorn related especially if it happens to be pink or glittery. Oh how she loves anything that glitters… god help us when she’s older and it’s jewellery that takes her fancy!


The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

We were recently sent the ‘Baby Born Interactive Unicorn‘ from Zapf Creation to have a play with, try out and to share on this here blog.

Upon arrival, I was quite surprised by the sheer size of the parcel, I wasn’t expecting the Unicorn to be quite as large as it is and soon realised that this was one occasion when the phrase ‘the bigger the better’ certainly applied.…

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