Lego Lovers Storage Solutions

Both J and E have grown to love Lego. We have all kinds of Lego sets which the children have put together over the years most of which are now on display in J’s room on a cube storage shelf set.

Somehow though the Lego bricks must have been breeding as whilst I was hoping this shelf would contain the majority of the households Lego it no longer seems to do so and we are currently seeking further storage solutions for our children’s ever-expanding Lego empire.

We have already got floor based shelving which is great for the kids to use and access.…

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#LittleLoves – Easter Egg Hunts, Car Share & Crafts

Good Friday has arrived in a flash, the Easter holidays are already whizzing by and the kids have been kept busy hunting for eggs, making cards, baking, playing games and having days out with family and friends.

It’s been a busy week with one thing or another and despite the kids being home from School and Nursery Paul and I have continued to work with a few alterations to our hours here and there.

Here are a few of my #LittleLoves from the past seven days which I have mostly spent enjoying time with the children without the worry of school runs, after school activities and such like.…

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Transform Your Windows From Drab To Divine With Custom Made Window Dressings From Make My Blinds

Following the completion of our extension Paul and I spent a great deal of time decorating, furnishing and adding the finishing touches to our beautiful new bedroom and en suite bathroom.

Having spent time living in numerous houses over the years I have slept in a range of bedrooms none of which have been comparable in terms of quality or size. Our new room is far bigger than any of our previous bedrooms and with the added en suite it feels as if we are living in luxury!

I’m not saying bigger is better but having the space to fit a king size bed, a dressing table, two sets of bedside drawers, a dresser and a large set of double wardrobes whilst still being able to stretch out feels great.…

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Decorating In Hindsight

Thinking back to when we first moved into our ‘forever home’ there was so much that needed to be done in terms of DIY. We have been here almost five years now and whilst we have worked hard to modernise as much as possible there are still some spaces in need of a major update.

Most importantly in my eyes we have yet to rip out the delightful ‘nineties-fruit and pine’ kitchen and replace it with a sleek, modern kitchen suite setup specifically to our requirements. I cant wait to walk into a clean, sleek kitchen without wincing at bright green and orange textured tiles.…

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