#LivingArrows – Easter Entertainment 16/52 (2017)

The first week of the Easter break is officially over. It’s been great having the kids at home, they’ve really needed the rest after working and of course playing so hard at School and Nursery.

Despite our shifts at work and the mixed weather we seem to be having, we’ve done our very best to keep the kids entertained both inside and out over the week.

J and E have enjoyed numerous walks out to the beach and trips to the park. It’s so lovely to be able to do things as and when without the pressures of the daily grind.…

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Looking At The World Imaginatively With CBeebies New Show ‘Kazoops’

The children seem to be really enjoying their time at home for the Easter Holidays. So far we have managed to keep the kids busy, entertained and most importantly happy at home. The holidays are the time to kick back, to relax and to enjoy our time together as a family and whilst I like to keep the children active there comes a time when I hold my hands up, submit and allow us all a little screen time.

What better way to relax after a busy day running around castles, scaling soft play, baking biscuits, or burning off the beans at bouncy castle madness sessions than by curling up on the sofa and catching up on some television?…

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#MySundayPhoto – The Fearless Foursome

Happy Sunday and of course, Happy Easter to you all! I’ve once again been busy behind the bar keeping the punters happy whilst Paul spent the afternoon out and about with the kids.

I often feel guilty for being out over the weekend, it doesn’t seem right especially with it being Easter. Needs must I guess, here’s hoping that with a little luck and a bit more time I might be able to find an alternative job with more sociable hours.

Anyhow less of the moaning as despite my absence the kids still had oodles of fun with their wonderful Daddy and the dog of course.…

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The Endless Wait For New Windows

There seems to be never-ending ‘DIY yet to do’ lists mounting up in my mind. We have so much to get finished in and around the house that it’s beginning to irk me somewhat.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that but we have now been let down by numerous companies promising to come along and quote us for windows and doors around the house. It seems that our business cannot be of importance to them as they have failed to turn up and those that have visited have neglected from giving us a quote at all!…

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Lego Lovers Storage Solutions

Both J and E have grown to love Lego. We have all kinds of Lego sets which the children have put together over the years most of which are now on display in J’s room on a cube storage shelf set.

Somehow though the Lego bricks must have been breeding as whilst I was hoping this shelf would contain the majority of the households Lego it no longer seems to do so and we are currently seeking further storage solutions for our children’s ever-expanding Lego empire.

We have already got floor based shelving which is great for the kids to use and access.…

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