#LittleLoves – Easter, Incubus And All Round To Mrs Browns

It’s finally Friday and the Easter Holidays have arrived! What better start our time together as a family than hunting for chocolate eggs around the house?

The kids are now high as kites running around the living room smashing their Daddy in a sword fight. It’s all foam based fun of course. There’s lots of giggling, screaming and the odd squeal coming from downstairs, it’s Daddy time thus I’m happily hiding upstairs in the safety of the Office.

It’s that time of the week when I look back upon what we’ve been doing and reflect upon my #LittleLoves from the past seven days.…

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Three Taboo Relationship Issues And How To Resolve Them

Three Taboo Relationship Issues And How To Resolve Them

Being open and honest with your other half is essential if you’re to have a long and happy relationship. Let’s face it though, being transparent about everything isn’t always easy. Like lots of people, you might find there are some topics you struggle to discuss with your partner. To help you get over your inhibitions, here are three taboo relationship issues and suggestions on how to resolve them.

Problems Between The Sheets

Bringing up any problems you’re experiencing between the sheets might make you blush. You may also feel guilty or even ashamed if things aren’t working out in the bedroom.…

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Fighting Fire With Fire

Looking back at my life it feels as if I’ve spent the majority of my time living in a never-ending soap opera. Theres always been kind of drama taking place, it’s certainly never been plain sailing nor I guess has it ever been a bore.

Thinking back I have been through some incredibly difficult and challenging times, god knows how I got through some of them yet here I am today. I’ve had my heart stamped upon, twisted, rocked, shocked and broken yet it has continued to grow.

I wear my heart upon my sleeve and have never been one to bottle things up or to hide from the truth.…

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The Covert Classroom!

While we all think our kids are the most clever out of all the kids in their class, it gets to a point where as they age, you see that they may hit a sort of plateau in their learning. And then it’s confirmed during the dreaded parents evening, and it’s quite a blow to you as a parent.

This person who you’ve really tried to instill some good values and encouraged to read and do their homework isn’t doing as well as you think they would be. And that’s not to say that your children are quote-unquote “dumb” but because they spoke earlier than the other babies or they didn’t bother with the crawling and learnt to walk quickly, that these trends in being clever may continue throughout their whole life.…

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Blogging Behind The Scenes – Why Blog?

Welcome to the first post in the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are focusing upon the all important question ‘Why Do You Blog?’.


Why Do I Blog?

A question I am often asked having told people that I am a blogger is ‘Why Do You Blog?’. There are many reasons why people first start blogging all of which are valid and unique.

I first began blogging using the LiveJournal platform back when I was a teenager.…

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