#LivingArrows – Pirates At Play 8/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LivingArrows. I cannot believe that we are already eight weeks into 2017, time seems to be on the run these days.

Half term has finally arrived along with some random flu like bug which has been doing the rounds. Typical isn’t it? The first day of the holidays together as a family has been spent shivering and sweating in the sitting room, not exactly what I had planned nor imagined for that matter!

Thankfully by dinner time Paul and I were both feeling a little better, with a little luck we may be able to get out tomorrow and either go swimming, have a trip to the cinema, take the kids to soft play or anything really so long as it gives us time together outside of the house.…

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The Truth About Blokes 

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a good moan but I do find it odd that what seems to have been one of my most popular blog posts in terms of readership is one which isn’t particularly positive towards fellas, certainly not towards my husband.

I remember writing the post well, I had suffered a seriously pants day or week and had let rip on the laptop for a good gurn about guys in general.

Men are men and quite frankly it is a well known fact that they are a breed of their own. We may well be from Venus whilst they are from Mars who knows, one things for sure we sure ain’t on the same page half of the time.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Nature Mirrors Life

It’s been a bizarre weekend with one thing or another, truth be told we haven’t had the most marvellous of moments to share but just today I was reminded how quickly things can turn around when nature mirrored life.

As I drove to work this afternoon I found myself navigating through thick fog, barely able to see where I was going I became frustrated with crawling at a snails pace. Suddenly the fog cleared, the sun began to shine and I was able to see clearly.

Just like nature, life has a funny way of suddenly changing. Things may be difficult, you may feel as if you are crawling along unable to see for the fog which surrounds you.…

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Oh These Little Earthquakes

I have been meaning to sit and write a personal post for some time now but can never word myself correctly. No matter how hard I try I still find that I am unable to outline my emotions clearly.

As tempting as it may be to sit and rant about all the little things which eat away at me each day, the internet isn’t really place to air my dirty laundry nor to whinge about life as it is. I will however let you into a little secret, my life is far from perfect and there are times when quite frankly I’d like to scream and cry but what good what that do?…

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#LittleLoves – Cards, Checks, Crafting And Time As A Couple

Can you believe that it’s half term already? It feels as if it was only Christmas the other week yet Valentines Day has already passed us by and we are now rolling like out of control Easter Eggs towards Spring.

I’m starting to wonder whether some kind of ‘fast forward function’ is secretly activated upon becoming a parent. Each time another kid is added to the mix the speed is magically increased rendering you unable to distinguish a week from a weekend.  Time just seems to slip away and it’s blumming frightening!

To save wasting further time I’ll get to the point and share my #LittleLoves from the past seven days but feels more like two or three days in all honesty.…

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