World Autism Awareness Week 2017

Did you know that we are in the midst of  ‘World Autism Awareness Week’? It seems perfectly timed given that BBC film crews have rocked up in our neighbouring village today to begin shooting a second series of ‘The A Word‘.

Whilst Autism may mean very little to you, it is highly likely that somebody within your friends or family is in some way affected by autism. According to statistics around 700,00 people within the UK are on the autism spectrum. Together with their families this means that autism is a part of 2.8 million people’s daily lives.

Whilst you may be aware having read my past posts, my son J has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.…

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#LittleLoves Benidorm, Egyptians & Little Plastic Castles

The weekend is once again upon us, I can’t say that I’ve got the Friday feeling as I am fully aware that it’s going to be one hell of a busy weekend with one thing or another.

Anyhow, getting back onto topic and looking at things from with a positive perspective, here are my #LittleLoves from the past seven days.



In terms of physical books I cannot say I’ve read much of anything over the past week. It’s been all about the Bailie, Natasha Bailie that is and her venture away from Channel Mum into the World of working autonomously without restrictions.…

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Making Memories With Canvas Champ Personalised Photo Canvases

As a parent I like to keep a photographic record of my little ones as they grow up. I literally take thousands of photos each and every year which I then organise into folders and store upon my computer. Every now and again I get the children’s photos printed and place them into large albums in date order because I have serious OCD when it comes to organisation.

Those albums often end up stored in their memory boxes which are ever-growing above our heads in the attic. Sadly not many of our photos are on display and this is something which I have been working upon over the past year or so.…

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Things I Have Liked And Loved In March

Welcome to my third instalment of the ‘Liked And Loved’ series which I aim to continue throughout the year to create a kind of ‘happy list’ to look back upon.

March has certainly been the month of transition in terms of the seasons, it finally feels as if Spring has arrived. Here are some of the many things that I have ‘Liked and Loved’ this month.


Watching J Play The Trumpet To An Audience

J has never really shown any interest in Music up until recently when his school introduced J and his class to the Trumpet. He has since been learning how to play the ‘toot toot’ and after a lot of hard work and practice he took part in a school concert!…

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A Rainy Day Rant

Well the sunshine has packed up its bags and naffed off back to wherever it came from. The rain has returned forcing us back indoors which is becoming rather frustrating for both E and I given that last week we were out and about having fun down at the park and going for walks on the beach.

Ah well, we will have to suffice with board games, play dough, baking, painting, crafting and good old Disney DVD’s until the sunshine makes a come back. I actually quite enjoy sitting at the table playing games with the kids despite having to rig the games by hook or by crook so that the kids get to win.…

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