Post Party Pondering

Given that J’s birthday party was almost a week ago now I’ve got no idea why or how I haven’t documented it by now and it’s pointless trying to offer excuses but my minds been elsewhere.

The day seemed to fly by at warp speed leaving me very little chance to stand back and to take it all in. It’s only now looking back whilst finding homes for his many gifts that I’ve been able to reflect upon it all.

We began the day by singing Happy Birthday to the little man whilst sharing cuddles in bed then headed downstairs to watch him open his piles of presents.…

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Half Term Action Plans

Half term has finally arrived, the PE kits, school bags and lunch boxes have all been thoroughly washed, it’s only a been a few hours since the kids arrived home and already it looks as if a small tornado has made its path through our house.

I’m all for holidays but I have a feeling that this one may well be rather arduous given that Paul and I have a list as long as my leg to get through before the end of the week.

We are yet to complete our garden but other than rid ourselves of more tip fodder and tidy around we can’t do an awful lot until the decking arrives later this week.…

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Blogging Behind The Scenes – Instasham and Fakebook

Welcome to this weeks edition of the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are discussing social media and how real the things that we see, share and read may or may not be.

How I Use Social Media

Even prior to blogging I was signed up to a fair amount of social media platforms, it seems to have become the social norm to openly share our thoughts, opinions, photos, videos and such like online.…

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Dear Manchester

Dear Manchester

Not only are you my close in proximity but you have always felt incredibly close to my heart. I may not visit you as often as I should since having the kids but you are always my first port of call when it comes to the things that I treasure dearly; shopping, travel, comedy, days out, education and of course Music.

You’ve given me things that no other place has ever been able to offer, you’ve given me goose pimples as I sat watching my ultimate heroin Tori Amos in your beautiful theatre.

You made it possible for me to feel accepted in my own clothing, to find fashion and accessories which suited my unique personality.…

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Simple & Stylish Home Office Setup

Having spent years sat at a kitchen table tapping away upon the laptop then collecting printed work from the dank, dark and cold garage I was desperate to design a home office space from which to work.

Shortly after completing the extension work in November Paul and I began discussing ideas for the box room which was once our daughters nursery. We both felt that it was high time we created a home office rather than a spare room and other than a lick of paint and a few furnishings it took a minimal effort to put together.

We began by emptying the box room, giving it a fresh coat of ‘cappuccino’ paint a neutral colour idea for a working space. …

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