Blogging Behind The Scenes – Working With Brands

Welcome to the fifth post in the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are focusing upon working with brands, how bloggers first got started working with companies and whether they love or loathe doing so.

Working With Brands

After having my first child back in 2009 I setup ‘Mums Baby Magazine’ an online magazine of sorts. Mums Baby Magazine was a website entirely dedicated to sharing information, tips and advice for new parents.…

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The 1am Club

You know those nights when you just don’t feel ready to sleep? I seem to be having one! It’s 1am precisely, two hours at least since I should have been flat out in my bed. It may have been a busy day, I may have had my mind filled with thoughts and ideas for hours on end but I’m unable to switch off as of yet.

Insomnia is something which often bites my backside and as a result I often wake feeling rough as toast the next morning. The cure? Well that would be sleep but trying to find the blighter is often impossible as I lay tossing and turning deep in thought until eventually I give in and grab the IPhone to research whatever it may be that is either bothering or quizzing my mind at the time.…

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Pipe Dreaming

The weather has made a sudden turn around, the sun is finally shining, the temperature has risen and having collected J from school the kids are now happily playing outside on the trampoline together.

It wont be too long until the garden is complete with artificial grass, decking and decoration ready for the summer time. I can’t wait until the kids can play out all year round without fear of sinking into a mossy mud bath.

I’m yet to source a new brolly for the picnic table, an outdoor clock and some decorative items to brighten up the back a little.…

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#TuesdayTreasures – Time To Step Off The Ship

As you know I’ve been running the #TuesdayTreasures linky for almost a year now and having taken some serious time and consideration I’ve decided to bring the vessel to shore and to step off the ship for a while.

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts, promoting them where possible and building a platform from which to share each others blogs. However, I have recently felt the need to blog on a more personal basis, without pressure and without schedules and due to this I have made the decision to close the #TuesdayTreasures blog linky for now.

I may well set sail upon a new venture in the future who knows but for now I’m calling a day.…

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Forever Friends

It’s taken me quite a long time to realise this but I’ve recently found that I have some seriously amazing friends on this Earth. Throughout the years as a school girl, a teenager, a college student and even whilst at Uni I was treated incredibly cruelly and as a result I never felt I had any real friendships as such.

However, as a mature adult I am now able to see the woods for the trees and whilst I may have been treated incredibly unfairly all those years ago I still managed to form friendships which are true to this day.…

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