Happy Nine Year Anniversary!

Happy Nine Year Anniversary to my wonderful husband Paul.

Now I’ve had the time of my life No I never felt like this before Yes I swear it’s the truth and I owe it all to you


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#TuesdayTreasures 02/08/2016


Welcome to this weeks #TuesdayTreasures blog linky share. #TuesdayTreasures is for bloggers from all walks of life, whether you are a parenting, lifestyle or any other type of blogger you are welcome to join in and to share your posts new and old.


Each week one post which has been added to the #TuesdayTreasures linky is selected by myself to share with you all. This week I really enjoyed reading ‘The Frenchie Mummys‘ post ‘It’s 7am and I am already crying’. Cécile from ‘The Frenchie Mummy‘ describes how reading other blogs can often emotionally affect her so much that she feels the urge to react by writing herself. …

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#MySundayPhoto from Benidorm! 

So my hubby tried his hardest to take his first selfie of the family whilst out at the kids bar. I’m not sure whether he realises that the stick shouldn’t actually be visible but hey ho, I’m just happy that we managed to grab a rare photo of the four of us together.

Happy Sunday peeps, now to find out what’s actually open in Spain on a Sunday!…

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The Realities Of Raising Children – Ten Points Of Parenting

As a Mother of two I have to admit life has changed somewhat since having kids. Whilst it is every bit ‘worth it’ there are moments when I begin to worry about my own sanity, you know those times when you find yourself questioning Bings relationship with Flop or whilst looking under random furnishings for the missing jigsaw piece you start to wonder whether it’s a reflection upon your own life? Yeh well I’m sure as hell it’s not just me pondering over life following popping a sprog or two, here’s my list of ‘ten points of parenting’.

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Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

I am trying my hardest to stay positive and to ‘keep smiling’ as everyone keeps reminding me to do. In order to keep the good vibes flowing I am going to jot down five ‘feel good’ things from the here and now.

E is too cute to put into words, she was given some beautiful fairy wings and a wand today, she has since been wandering around the house waving her wand casting magical spells and telling everybody that she is Tinkerbell. My daughter is magical with or without her wand! J is growing fast and whilst I cleaned gave the kitchen a good tidy this afternoon he sat with pencil and paper drawing a cartoon story board based upon Adventure Time.… View Post