4 Activities That Inspire Joy

Even people who usually find it easy to experience joy have struggled in the past year. With the world going more or less into shutdown for twelve months, the majority of us have had to think again about how we can get our dose of happiness. And it’s not something that everyone succeeded in doing; mental health problems have steadily risen in the past year, after all. The good news is that with the world slowly but surely opening up again, we can all gear up for a period that’s much more fun!

In this blog, we’re going to look at just a handful of activities that’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.

4 Activities That Inspire Joy

Into Nature

Even people who historically avoided the great outdoors are beginning to look at it with hungry eyes. Having spent so many months cooped up inside, there’s just something about nature that sounds so appealing. The great secret about the outdoors is that it can be oh so enjoyable; indeed, it offers a different, next level of fun! If you can grab some of your favourite people, don your hiking boots, and head out for a long walk in a beautiful environment, you’ll come back as happy as can be. Indeed, even researchers say that a few hours in nature can significantly improve our happiness levels.

Getting Creative

Of course, we’re not quite able to do everything that we’d like to do at the moment. Plus, the weather still isn’t that great. But did you know that there’s a deeply satisfying activity you can do from your home (or indeed, anywhere)? It’s all about getting creative! This is one of those things that doesn’t sound fun, but it actually is. Whether it’s writing, drawing, playing a musical instrument or anything else, you’ll find that you’re given a dose of joy while you’re creating — and that you have something to show for your efforts, too.

Fun Physical Exertion

We all know that we should try to work up a sweat from time to time. The problem is that the idea of spending time in the gym isn’t always that exciting, and if we’re honest, it’s not fun. There are some activities, however, that are a bona fide good time and which will improve your fitness. What about dance, for example? Sign up for dance classes at the RAD, and you’ll get fit and have an absolute ball. When the warmer weather returns, you can also look at things like frisbee sessions in the park — it’s oh so much fun and will get you running around.

Giving Back

We’ve all had to focus on ourselves over the past few months, and with good reason — it’s been tough! However, now that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic has passed, it’s worthwhile looking at focusing on other people for a while. Volunteering to help others isn’t just something that spreads positivity around: it also gives us a level of happiness that nothing else can. Give it a try!

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