Returning To The Routine

The holidays are about to come to an end and although we’ve had a fortnight off from school and work, it feels like far longer. The kids and I are now more than ready to return into some kind of routine and I’m quite looking forward to starting a new term.

I’m well aware that we are still in the midst of winter and  its flipping freezing for a further two months, but the title ‘spring term’ seems to offer a little light at the end of the tunnel. Christmas has been and gone, the decorations are now down and I’m therefore done with the dark nights and the winter weather!

Both J & E need to start getting to bed earlier than 9pm whereas I need to refrain from staying up past midnight. We’ve certainly let standards slip over these past two weeks but that’s what holidays are all about right?

Not only will I be getting back into a routine but I’m hoping to get a little healthier too, firstly through a more balanced diet (less cheese and chocolate) and secondly through some form of exercise. I’ll be honest, exercise and I don’t really get along all that well, but I’m going to have to do something to fight the flab, as Christmas has done a number on me.

Returning To The Routine

I would like to say that is has been a relaxing couple of weeks but the reality is that we’ve been busy updating and sorting the house which looks fantastic but took a whole heap of effect and work to get done. I’d like to think that we will spend next Christmas relaxing as a family, enjoying festive films and quaffing the Quality Street with nothing to do other than laze around in our jim-jams for hours on end but that’ll never happen!

Saying that, I’m pretty proud of our accomplishments throughout the holidays, especially over this past week as already I have ticked off at least four items from my 2019 bucket list! As I see it there’s always something to do, something to clean and something to sort when you have a house. I can’t help but to keep organised and tidy, although I do tend to take this to extreme levels.

I’m beginning to realise that ‘organisation and clutter clearing’ is most likely my ‘niche’ and therefore something which I should be sharing my ideas upon and blogging about – maybe I’ll add this to my ideas list for 2019 (which of course is neatly written in a notebook dedicated to the topic of blogging which is placed in my desk sorter).

Speaking or organisation, I really ought to run a vacuum around the house and get my bags ready for tomorrow. The kids at least have one final day to rest and relax before they get thrown back into the daily grind whereas Paul and I have our alarms set and have promised ourselves an early night. Whether or not we will manage to fool our bodies into believing that it’s bedtime is debatable. I’m hoping to run a hot, bubbly, lavender infused, bath and to curl up with a book before bed in the hope that I might just manage to get some sleep.


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