2017 – The Best Bits

2017 has been one heck of a year, the past twelve months has been action packed for both the children and us adults. 2017 has certainly flown by that’s for sure as time seems to when you’re busy having fun.

Having kept a record of my #LittleLoves each week alongside the things which I have #LikedandLoved each month has made looking back over the year a little easier. Here are a few of our highlights from 2017…

2017 - The Best Bits

  • We completed building J’s new ‘high-sleeper’ which was then placed into his new bedroom which we then painted and carpeted in a brilliant shade of blue.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Having moved J into his new room we were actually able to give our little lady a room fit for a Princess. After painting her room in the most vivid shade of pink imaginable we then accessorised accordingly adding a matching mid-sleeper bed with a slide, tunnel and tent. E was delighted with her larger bedroom and has since filled the room with her treasures, trinkets and toys.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Having cleared E’s box room we then transformed the space into a family office which has proved invaluable.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Having toyed with the idea of rearranging the garden we somehow found ourselves taking on an unplanned project earlier this year as we landscaped the garden, adding Astroturf, decking and decoration to make a space which can be used all year round.2017 - The Best Bits
  • I’ve always fancied being a Bridesmaid but have never had the chance up until this year when my good friend Vicky very kindly asked me to be part of her big day. I am honoured to have been asked and cannot wait for Vic and Mikes big day in June 2019!2017 - The Best Bits
  • I’ve been meaning to lose weight for a few years now but with my constant cravings for calories and hatred towards exercise the fight against the flab was near impossible. A few months ago I decided to ditch the diets and do things for myself by cutting out breakfast, swapping Coca Cola for Coke Zero, reducing meal sizes and slinging the snacks which has resulted in rather dramatic results. I’ve managed to lose almost three stone now and am hoping to lose a further stone over the next few months.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Our little lady graduated from being a pre-school Princess, she enjoyed her final few weeks at Nursery in style as they lavished the kids with trips, parties, charity events and much more.2017 - The Best Bits
  • J had his first residential trip away with his School, it may have been for a single night but it was enough to give me a ‘Mothers melt down’ as I needlessly worried myself sick for twenty-four hours. J didn’t seem to miss us whatsoever as he was far too busy taking part in all kinds of activities all of which seemed to do him the World of good.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Our beautiful son shocked the pants off Paul and I as he was presented with the Teachers award (an annual award which only one girl and one boy from each year group are put forward for). 2017 - The Best Bits
  • Having attended the Blog On Conference back in 2016 and having learnt so much from this experience I decided to book myself in for a further two conferences which took place back in May and September. It was fantastic to catch up with brands and fellow bloggers whilst having the chance to take part in a wide range of workshops each of which I greatly enjoyed and learnt a lot from.2017 - The Best Bits
  • During the summer we enjoyed a week abroad as we spent time together as family in Alcudia, Majorca. Despite staying in the hotel from hell (Club Mac) which I could only compare to Butlins abroad the kids seemed to enjoy every moment.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Having turned four years of age our little lady started School in September. It seemed like such a huge step back then given that E is an ‘August babe’ but she took to it like a duck to water and is now settled and making super progress.2017 - The Best Bits
  • I decided to claim a little of my youth back by buying a set of digital decks which I have since practiced putting to use by mixing a range of dance and trance tracks. I’m no Annie Mac but I sure enjoy mixing tunes together so much so that I’ve even created my own Soundcloud account which to upload mixes to.2017 - The Best Bits
  • E is now able to recognise the letters of the alphabet, sounding out letters and blending phonics to read simple text. Not only is she able to read but E is also able to write her name and the majority of the alphabet with coordination and control.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Back in October we travelled down to Derbyshire to watch my brother-in-law (and now sister-in-law) finally tie the knot. Our children were very kindly asked to be Flower Girl and Page Boy for the day which they did in style.2017 - The Best Bits
  • We enjoyed a lovely day out to Lowther Castle where J & E took part in a mega ‘Easter Egg hunt’ before sliding down one of the UK’s biggest slides and running riot in a colossal wooden play area.2017 - The Best Bits
  • J enjoyed his first ever ‘sleepover’ as his friend Alfie stayed for the night. Much fun was had and we will be sure to repeat this when possible.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Having made a start on my weight loss I decided to get a little more active by joining a local Yoga class. I never expected to enjoy Yoga so much but have to admit it’s a little addictive and certainly something which I will continue to practice throughout 2018.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Earlier this year I put myself forward as a classroom volunteer to assist reading within my children’s School. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in a classroom and it’s been great to get some experience working alongside the staff whilst giving my time to the kids. 2017 - The Best Bits
  • Following turning four years of age our daughter E enjoyed her first ever horse riding lesson.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Meanwhile J continued to make progress with his Karate by getting his Orange belt and a new kit to boot.2017 - The Best Bits
  • Paul and I enjoyed a busy Autumn as we spent most of our weekends watching live gigs including the likes of Tori Amos, London Grammar and Jason Manford. 2017 - The Best Bits
  • I finally made a return to Vlogging after many years away from the camera. I am still working on uploading videos from the past year all of which I hope to complete within the next month or so.2017 - The Best Bits
  • We finally replaced our living room furniture with a rather swish set including a matching mango wooden coffee table, sideboard and nest of tables.2017 - The Best Bits

We’ve sure had a busy but brilliant year overall, it barely feels as if twelve months have passed me by since I last wrote a post like this. Heres hoping that 2018 is as fun-packed for us all, that and a little luckier in terms of careers.

I plan to write a further post come New Year listing a few of my resolutions and goals for the year ahead. Until then I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading some of my highlights, I’d love to hear some of your ‘best bits’ from the past year so be sure to either comment below, drop me an email or get in touch via social media, I’d love to hear from you!

I hope that you’ve had a fabulous 2017 and have a wonderful 2018, Happy New Year folks x

2017 - The Best Bits



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