#MySundayPhoto – My Little Pony

It’s the frickin weekend and let me tell you it’s been a fun-filled, action-packed couple of days for both the children and us adults.

Following a busy bar shift on Friday evening I packed two sets of suitcases then set my alarm for an early start, I needn’t have bothered as E seemed intent of waking me early by climbing into our bed for morning cuddles.

Having raced around like a half-crazed loon getting everything and everybody ready for weekends shenanigans I then strapped E into her car seat and set off out to our first port of call, the local riding stables where E was introduced to ‘Ebony’, a rather pretty pony whom she spent half an hour riding around the arena as she had her first ever horse riding lesson!

After thirty minutes of practicing halting, kicking-on, steering and general balance in the saddle E was ready for a rest. She seemed to maintain concentration for a good fifteen to twenty minutes but after that I could tell she had switched off and was sat in the saddle enjoying the ride, soaking up the scenery totally oblivious to any instructions!

E seemed to love almost every moment of her first horse riding lesson, although she isn’t entirely keen on being told what to do but given that she starts school in less than a fortnight she best get used to it quick sharp! Here is a quick snap taken from the yard prior to said riding lesson.

#MySundayPhoto - My Little Pony

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  1. August 28, 2017 / 8:17 am

    So beautiful, I love this in black & white

    Thank you for linking up

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