#MySundayPhoto – Downpours & Decor Dreams

It’s almost May right? Well you wouldn’t think so according to the sky today as we’ve endless April showers. Rain is one thing but hail is another, I’m wondering whether we’ll even have a summer this year with the way that things seem to be going.

#MySundayPhoto - Downpours & Decor Dreams

We may have had some bad weather but certainly haven’t let that stop us from having a wonderful weekend. The kids have taken time to relax, to unwind and in J’s case to read yet another book almost from cover to cover. Who’d have thought my reluctant reader would be choosing to fly through fiction novels for entertainment? I for one couldn’t be happier as there’s no better place to spend time than between the covers of a good book.

I on the other hand have got to grips with the household chores; defrosting not one but two freezers in total. With spending so much time in the kitchen, Paul and I have started looking into future furnishings and layout options for when we decorate. We’ve decided to go all out and to knock down a couple of walls – this should open up the utility room to make a far larger kitchen, which with a little luck may just make room for an island.

This time last year our garden was a pile of flag stones and mud, yet one year later we have a fabulous garden with beautiful decking – what a transformation! Heres hoping that I can say similar regarding the kitchen in a couple of years time. First though, we must deal with replacing the windows and doors, thankfully that plan is already in action so I have my fingers crossed that come twelve months time we can look back upon yet another transformation. Much-like the weather, it’s all change here in this household.

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  1. May 1, 2018 / 11:59 am

    The weather has been horrible, those clouds don’t look good.

    Hope May brings sunshine.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

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