#MySundayPhoto – Blackpool Bound

Those of you that follow my instagram you may be aware that my husband and I spent this weekend away in Blackpool. It’s not often that we go away, certainly not without the children and although it was only for one night, I suffered with immense Mummy guilt both for the children and our precious pooch who was apparently having the time of her life in kennels with a poodle! 

Despite worrying about our little ones, I did my very best to let my hair down and to celebrate our good friends (who came along with us) birthday in style. This morning however, I felt that we ought to take some time out together for a walk along the prom and to do what we do best – shop till we drop.

Given that there were six of us in the car, I was slightly limited as to space for the shopping bags and therefore we kept our spending to a sensible amount. We finished up with two large bags filled with Primark’s finest, both of which slotted perfectly into the car along with our passengers for the journey home.

We were lucky with the weather in that the sunshine stayed with us for the majority of our stay. Despite the sunshine, it was still baltic in Blackpool! I have no idea how the youngsters coped with parading up and down the prom in next to nothing, they may have looked fashionable but I bet they were freezing! I may be middle-aged and boring but I’d sacrifice style for snuggly, sensible clothing any day of the week.

Thankfully, we are now back home with our children and our beloved basset. The heating is on, the house is now clean and  I’m wrapped up in my pyjamas following a much-needed hot shower. Weekends away may be fun but you cannot beat the comfort of your own home.

#MySundayPhoto - Blackpool Bound

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