#MySundayPhoto – Blackpool Baby!

The hubby and I somehow managed to wangle ourselves a kid-free day out to Blackpool this week. We’ve both been desperate for new clothes and given that the cheapest and simplest option happened to be in Blackpool we hit the M6 and made our what felt much like Benidorm thanks to the blazing sunshine.

I felt a little bad that we didn’t take the kids, not that we hit the Pleasure Beach or the Sandcastle as we were far too busy parading around Primark to hit the prom. Just being by the beach with the scorching sunshine gave me that guilty feeling and whilst I’m certain that they much preferred spending time with their Grandparents, I couldn’t help but to feel like a bad Mother.

Having said that, we witnessed countless kids losing their tempers in the temperatures which were beyond sweltering. This made me feel slightly better but still, Primark is no place for paddies and for that reason I stand by decision to take a day to ourselves where we shopped till we dropped quite literally.

Here’s a quick snap of the tower which I took before heading home with a boot full of bags after a busy day in Blackpool.

#MySundayPhoto - Blackpool Baby!

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