#MySundayPhoto – Beach Riding Bliss

Once upon a time I would spend almost every weekend clip-clopping down to the beach with the local riding school. These days though I haven’t the time nor the finances to ride so regularly, this weekend however I made use of a riding voucher to do just that.

I have always been rather anxious when riding, it’s not that I’m a bad rider but after having kids I lost a certain amount of confidence when cantering, galloping and anything quicker than trot to be honest. I’m exactly the same when driving with the kids in the car, I ought to have relaxed by now but as they are my World and I am theirs, it’s rather difficult to let go and to live on the wild side.

Back in the day I stuck to the same horse, I understood how Jazz functioned and over time I built trust in her, especially so whilst out on the beach. I would happily canter, gallop and frolic around without a care in the World, these days though it’s entirely different.

Jazz is now a retired pensioner pony and spends her days grazing in fields leaving me with little choice than to try something new.

Yesterday I rode Pandora, a beautiful but rather larger beast than I have been used to. I’m not sure whether it was the good weather or the fact that I rocked up early and took the time to relax before heading down to the beach; either way I seemed to ditch the nerves for once and as a result I had the most amazing ride.

Pandora provided such a smooth and sturdy ride; I gained almost instant trust in her as she seemed to respond to my instructions immediately which gave me a sense of safety and security. That security and trust enabled me to ride freely at ease, the wind blowing through my hair as I blasted down the beach.

For me, horse riding isn’t a sport ; it’s a release, it’s an adrenalin rush, it’s almost like a drug in that it’s addictive, mostly though it allows me that window of freedom from my own thoughts which I seem to need now and then. Whilst sat on that horse there is very little other than you, the horse, the sand, the momentum and that particular moment in time that you can consider.

It was a moment of magic, a release from reality and my chance to finally let it go.

#MySundayPhoto - Beach Riding Bliss

“Let’s join forces
We’ve got our guns and horses
I know you’ve been burned
But every fire is a lesson learned”

Guns & Horses- Ellie Goulding

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