#MySundayPhoto – Autumn at Hand

Half term has come to a close and whilst we haven’t done an awful lot, I’ve really enjoyed being at home and having a break.

It’s all systems go tomorrow as the routine returns and we head into the second half of the autumn term. Come mid-week it’s Halloween and although we are yet to carve our pumpkins, we’ve already decorated the house, planned our costumes, picked up uggins of sweets (or ‘candy’ should you be reading this from America) and are ready to rock and roll what will hopefully be a wicked Wednesday.

It feels incredibly cold compared to this time last year and according to the news some parts of the UK have already had snowfall! We had one of the hottest summers for ‘however many years’ and I have a funny feeling that we may well match that with the coldest winter. Winter may be knocking but autumn is in true bloom.

Autumn At Hand

#MySundayPhoto - Autumn at Hand

“I see the winter, she’s crawling up the lawn
I feel her breathing beneath my palms
She tears the trees down while curses roll from her tongue
Got eyes like anvils and storms for lungs
Hiding in our house, sunburn in his mouth,
Summer’s in our basement now
Light beneath the door, light beneath the door,
Just enough to keep us warm
Don’t you let it out, don’t you let it out,
Just make sure he’s always around
But we’re all out of time, nothing left to decide
Pack your things up quick, this one can’t be fixed
Leave the rest of it behind
We push through trees now, our house is covered in ice
Our breath falls from our mouths like tiny rainclouds
We tug on Summer, and he melts the snow at our feet
She’s on our heels, there’s never time to stop and sleep
I feel you breathing, I hear you curse my name
I hope that you’ll forgive me one of these days
The sky is bleeding, the fog is thicker than walls
She’s wrapped up in it, like cloth on a wrecking ball
Everything we stole, everything we broke,
Everything we bought is gone
A couple dumb mistakes, bigger than we thought,
Nothing to left to do but run
If I could put it back, fill in all the cracks,
Nothing there I wouldn’t change
But wishing never helps, wishing never helps,
Wishing never solved a thing
You were right
Yeah, you were right
You were right
Yeah, you were right”
Winter is Coming – Radical Face

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  1. October 29, 2018 / 6:24 am

    I can’t believe how cold it’s been! I have always rembered Halloween to be quite mild in weather. We are yet to decorate the house, but we hace carved out pumpkins 🙂

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