#MySundayPhoto – Autumn Song

My phone is filled with endless amounts of seasonal snapshots. I simply cannot get enough of autumn, it is my all time favourite season. There is no need for any effects, filters or anything of the sort as the plethora of sharp, crisp, colours sing out like a song… an autumn song.

Autumn Song

“Wear your eyes as dark as night Paint your face with what you like Wear your love like it is made of hate Born to destroy and born to create

Now baby, what’ve you done to your hair? Is it just the same time of year When you think that you don’t really care?…

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#MySundayPhoto – Golden Brown

How I’d love to tell you all what a wonderful a weekend we have had. Unfortunately that is far from the case nor the truth, as this weekend has been somewhat of a washout, both in terms of the weather and the events which have taken place.

However, we put the drama aside and took some time out with the children this afternoon. The deluge of rain had finally stopped and we were able to enjoy being outdoors in what felt like a fresh, autumn afternoon.

We took the children to the park where they ran their energy off whilst we enjoyed sitting on the swings and having a catch up as a couple.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Sublimely Sun Blind

Whilst I adore autumn, driving whilst battling against the early evening sunshine isn’t all that easy. I was literally blinded by the sunshine whilst driving back from my parents house this weekend, I couldn’t see a thing at one point even whilst wearing sunglasses and driving with the sun visa pulled down.

It may be dangerous to drive but by golly is it beautiful at this time of year; the clear skies, the crisp autumn air and the ambient, amber glow of the countryside as the fields, trees and hedgerows turn from green to brown.

Throw a scarf around your neck, wrap your hands in the warmth of woollen gloves and breathe deep as you walk warm and snug with hands tucked into your pockets.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Blackpool Bound

Those of you that follow my instagram you may be aware that my husband and I spent this weekend away in Blackpool. It’s not often that we go away, certainly not without the children and although it was only for one night, I suffered with immense Mummy guilt both for the children and our precious pooch who was apparently having the time of her life in kennels with a poodle! 

Despite worrying about our little ones, I did my very best to let my hair down and to celebrate our good friends (who came along with us) birthday in style. This morning however, I felt that we ought to take some time out together for a walk along the prom and to do what we do best – shop till we drop.…

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#MySundayPhoto – The Pumpkin Patch

As September draws to a close, Halloween is almost upon us and already the children are excited at the concept of choosing costumes, makeup, pumpkins and all kinds of spectacular and spooky specifics for All Hallows Eve.

As a family, we celebrate Halloween with gusto; we decorate both inside and outside of our house, we load buckets with treats for our ghoulish guests and we spend time reading spooky stories, watching frightening films and playing ghastly games to celebrate in style.

I adore decorating the house for Halloween and can’t wait to browse B&M’s shelves for further autumnal decor. Unlike Christmas when the decorations may be left hanging for a week or so after the big day, Halloween is done and dusted within twenty-four hours.…

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