#MySundayPhoto – Bouncing Off Clouds

As you may or may not be aware, Darren (from Photalife) that currently runs the #MySundayPhoto linky has decided to call it a day. Although his linky will no longer be based upon his blog, he has decided to continue his photography and the linky via his Instagram page. I will therefore continue to post each week and will duplicate my pictures on both my Instagram and my blog to continue my current trend of weekly #MySundayPhoto posts.

Getting back to the post, and to the pictures! I was rather spoilt this Christmas as my husband took careful notice to follow my Amazon wish list.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Cloud Cover

Whilst on the drive back from our mad dash out to town, Paul and I couldn’t help but to notice the beautiful cloud formations which seemed to be blanketing the combe. It looked as if winter had rolled in and the hillsides were snuggling under a duvet of thick, fluffy cloud cover for warmth.

Do you ever take the time to look at the clouds and to make shapes or patterns from them? I could spend hours looking up into the sky making out all kinds of shapes, animals, patterns all kinds of fluffy wonders.

It sure is chilly out and I’m sure that it wont be too long before the clouds are replaced by snow.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Winter Walks At Sunrise

It’s not often that I see sunrise, if ever at all to be honest. I’m certainly no early bird, I for one would never catch any worm, not that I’d ever want to either for that matter. My husband on the other hand seems to enjoy waking early, he is from farming stock and can handle the early mornings, he therefore takes the dog on her morning stroll before I’ve even contemplated dividing myself from the duvet.

Heres a snapshot he captured the other week whilst out on his usual ponder with the pooch. This picture simply doesn’t do justice to the colours which were in the sky that morning, I saw for myself albeit from the warmth of my windowsill.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Maisy’s First Christmas

We haven’t been out much given that the weather has been so vile of late, that and I’ve spent the past fortnight suffering with sinusitis so severe that I felt much-like I’d taken a hit from a frying pan to the face. I have therefore opted to share a rather sweet shot taken earlier this week, a photo of our beautiful basset hound Maisy sat by the Christmas tree, her first Christmas tree to be precise.

This you see will be Maisy’s first Christmas, she’s only ten months old and whilst we are quite accustomed to decorating the house with baubles, tinsels and all kinds of glittery and glamorous Christmas delights, our dog isn’t entirely sure what it’s all about.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Christmas Is Coming

As of this evening, Christmas has officially arrived in our household. Poor Paul spent an hour looking for a plug for the tree lights (which turned out to be in the bag where I thought it was in the first place) then a further hour and a half fixing and soldering the flipping tree lights.

Having wasted at least half of the day, I was half tempted to take the tree and its lights and lob the lot into the bin. Obviously, I’d have replaced the tree and the lights with a higher-quality alternative. Unfortunately I’d already promised the kids that they could decorate the tree today (why exactly I did that I’m not sure).…

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