Happy Mothers Day 2021

Having enjoyed a lovely lay in, I was woken by the kids carrying a tray of flowers, gifts, and cards alongside a lovely, hot mug of Ovaltine. Talk about being spoilt – I’ve been properly pampered!

E, bless her, had made me a card at school which inside read ‘Mummy, you are as beautiful as a shining star, as cuddly as a soft, fluffy bunny, as gentle as a lilypad and as brave as Super Girl’. She sure knows how to make me well up – what a lovely message and what gorgeous gifts I was given!

Happy Mothers Day 2021

Happy Mothers Day 2021

My thoughts and heart go out to all those that are finding Mothers Day a little difficult this year; whether you are a mother who’s lost a child, a child who’s lost a mother, a single parent, or for whatever other reason may find Mother’s Day difficult to endure – it’s certainly not easy with the lockdown restrictions, many of us are unable to visit our Mum’s and it just doesn’t seem fair somehow.

Motherhood isn’t always easy, it’s a challenge at the best of times but still, I feel incredibly privileged to have two awesome and amazing children to share and to celebrate the day with.

Happy Mother’s Day to all your Mum’s out there – I wish you all the best very best – be sure to take some time to enjoy a cuppa, put your feet up and relax!



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