What Do Women Want?

What Do Women Want? It’s the question that every man has asked since time first began. Well… I’ve been thinking and do you know what? I think I may finally have some answers for you fellas.

Us ladies are complex beings, we find it almost impossible to narrow anything down and for this reason I am writing a list as you well know, ladies love to write lists so here goes!

What Do Women Want?

To Be Loved

First and foremost us ladies like to feel ‘loved’. That’s not the same kind of love that you have for your favourite footballer when they happen to score a goal, it’s the kind of love that makes us feel that an apocalypse could occur yet we would still be floating somewhere high above on cloud nine.

To Be Wanted

Sure you may want us to whip up some dinner, wash the pots or if your lucky iron some shirts. Us ladies however prefer to feel wanted in a way which makes us feel irresistibly attractive, irreplaceable and ultimately something a cut above special.

To Be Needed

Need and want are two different things lads, you may need to wash your car, you may need to have a hair cut but needing things when it comes to relationships is a completely different ball game. To be needed by someone for reasons unexplainable other than they wish to see you, to see your smile, to hear your voice, to hold your hand or to share a cuddle.. well that’s the kind of need that drives women wild.


To Be Respected

Yep, R E S P E C T is a massive thing especially when it comes to partnerships. Without respect for another being there’s not a great deal of point in spending time with said being. To show care, understanding and the willing to listen is imperative to relationships of any kind.

How would you feel for example if somebody said “Sorry I am not listening to you”… damn frustrated that’s what! To actually give your time, your ear and your RESPECT to somebody is a crucial element of a basic friendship never mind a partnership or relationship.


To Be Made To Feel Special

Whether it’s just a quick comment such as “You look nice tonight love” or the full-blown “Phaw, Grrrr come here you look hot to trot” either way us ladies like to be told that we look good. We aren’t exactly experts in the trumpet blowing department and unlike some we don’t stand in front of any mirrors flexing our muscles admiring ourselves. More often than not a trip to the mirror is akin to a battle with the devil as we huff and puff over our self-hatred and disapproval.

A compliment of any kind is usually always accepted and appreciated someway or other even if we aren’t entirely sure if your speaking the full truth for fear of having a handbag or stiletto thrown in your general direction.

To Be Cared For

It’s no use leaving us to our own devices, despite us being so-called experts at multi tasking we’d much prefer you to offer out a helping hand now and then. Whether its popping the kettle on, making us lunch or tucking us into bed if we aren’t feeling too great. To be cared for, to be looked after means the World to us women.


To Laugh

Laughter is the Music of the heart, to find yourself giggling and laughing together not only raises endorphins (the happy chemicals within us all) but it creates a bond, a connection, a magical tie between people sharing common ground. Make us laugh, make us smile and as a result you’ll reap the rewards.


To Come First

I wont lie, I know full well that when it comes to priorities I am far from top of the list in this household. I cannot help to feel though that it would be rather nice to be put first once in a while. Us ladies like to come first, life isn’t a race but if it was we’d certainly aspire for gold.


To Go The Extra Mile

I realise that there’s a whole lotta shizz going on in life but sometimes, not all the time just sometimes it’s really nice when somebody goes that extra mile. What was it that Peter Kay said in Car Share? “Some things are worth going out of your way for” and that’s precisely how we’d like to feel, as if we are worth going that extra mile for.


I’m sure I’ve probably missed countless points from this list and I’m not saying it’s a sure-fire way into our hearts or our knickers for that matter but its a blumming good starting point, call it a quick guideline if you will.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas upon this list. Whether you have something to add or to alter, comment below, drop me an email or get in touch via the many social media platforms we all spend far too much time upon.



  1. Angela Webster
    May 2, 2017 / 9:33 am

    I agree with all of the above and I think it applies to both men and women. For me laughter is a top priority, even in our hardest times we’ve still been able to make each other laugh.

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