Six Reasons To Choose a Winter Wedding

The weather turns colder and you can bet that you’re feeling the freeze. The thing is, this year is different to all the others: this is the year you got engaged! Congratulations! Now, your next choice is your wedding date, and most people choose the “wedding season” between April and June. The weather is beautiful and people love to dance the summer nights away. The thing is, winter weddings are just as beautiful – if not more so!

Winter may not have been your first consideration, but between the most popular winter wedding dresses and the colour schemes, saying “no” to a winter wedding just isn’t an option this time around. Still on the fence? Great, because by the end of reading these six reasons, you’re going to choose that winter wedding you didn’t know you wanted.

Six Reasons To Choose a Winter Wedding

  1. Atmosphere. You want your wedding to be magical, and it will be because it’s your wedding day. However, winter weather brings it something extra that you didn’t know existed. Think twinkly lights and crisp leaves on the ground. Think snowflakes and roaring fires. Winter weddings have an instantly romantic atmosphere to them, and a nature theme is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer months. The way you can personalise your venue changes in the winter, and even your wedding dress choices change. You’d never imagine gliding down the aisle in a faux fur shawl in the summer!
  2. Price. Winter weddings are often cheaper than their summer counterparts. Summer weddings are so popular as people want the gorgeous weather guarantee, and the outdoor photos are often prettier in the summer, too. Winter weddings are often cheaper, with packages being far more favourable to your budget. So, you get all of the perks of the wedding you want but without the high price tag. It also means that you may be able to get that videographer that your budget didn’t originally allow for!
  3. No Outdoor Planning Required. In the summer, your wedding needs to account for the outside dancing, music and sunset photography you want. In the winter, you don’t need to worry about this as your wedding will be a more cosy affair. You still may get some beautiful outdoor photos, especially if it snows!
  4. It’s Oh-So-Exciting. A winter wedding hits at the same time as Christmas and New Year, which means that you get that festive magic mixed into your big day. Even if you marry in January, you can still stretch out that festive feeling to one of the dreariest months of the year.
  5. More Guests. Most people busy themselves over the summer as so many people go away on holiday. When you marry in the winter, people are less likely to be away and sunning themselves. You can bet that you get more of a guarantee that your favoured guests will be there.
  6. A Kind Of Magic. The winter wedding decor, the atmosphere and all of the above make for a magical wedding experience. You can incorporate some of the Christmas magic into your wedding, too, and introduce mulled wine and mistletoe. You could even have a full Christmas dinner as your main meal!

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