Happy Ten Year Wedding Anniversary & Happy New IPhone

It’s been precisely ten years since my husband and I made it official and tied the knot. Ten bleeding years, that’s almost a life sentence! Rather than going all out and celebrating in style we’ve cut back a little to save our spends for our upcoming holiday. We are however planning to mosey on up to the local for a few bevvys and a boogie later on this evening which should be good all being well.

After a rather restless night being moidered by our three-year old monster I wasn’t entirely sure whether this was Earth never mind what day it was when I first woke. Reaching over to check my phone for the time I was a little confused to find that it was apparently 23.25 which didn’t seem right given that our room was flooded by sunshine and the kids were running riot. Having checked a few settings I found that my phone obviously doesn’t take to the parenting malarkey as its Motherboard had died overnight leaving me without wireless aka WITHOUT A FLIPPING PHONE.

It wasn’t the ideal anniversary present to wake up to but having my thrown my phone aside I proceeded to put the kids clothes together for a day trip with the folks. Having packed the kids cases I then headed towards the kitchen to make a start on the laundry only to be greeted by a large card and a vase of beautiful flowers which Paul had hand-picked from the garden and had then added a dozen roses to, all of which were covered in glitter.

Happy Ten Year Wedding Anniversary & Happy New IPhone

Typically my present has yet to arrive (thanks a bunch Amazon) but I at least had a card to exchange. Shortly after opening our cards and placing them in the windowsill my parents arrived with handfuls of gifts all based around the ‘ten year’ theme of tin. Thankfully we avoided being handed any tinned fruit or veg items, instead we were given the most beautiful garden candles and heart-shaped hooks for the house along with an envelope stuffed with Euros which I’m damn sure will be well used come this time next week.

According to the latest news Majorca is currently experiencing an almighty heat wave, forty-two degrees celsius certainly isn’t what I’d call a ‘comfortable’ heat, it’s sodding scorchio out there so we’ll be plastering the factor fifty on by the shovel load!

Shortly after handing the kids over to my folks for a day out on the local steam trains Paul and I headed into town. He knew full well that I wouldn’t cope without a phone and having spoken to several repair people we eventually gave up hope and resigned ourselves to the fact that my IPhone 6 Plus was no longer. An hour or so later I found myself sat signing my name on the dotted line for yet another flipping contract, it may be expensive but having seen the prices of handsets it seemed like the only viable option.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a phone die days before we are due to jet off abroad, although the last time I experienced such a thing I would say that technically the phone was murdered rather than dieing from natural causes. Back in the day my beloved IPhone 3GS took a trip into town whilst sunning itself on the roof of my car, it managed to hold on for almost forty minutes until it eventually commit suicide by throwing itself upon the bypass where it was obliterated by a lorry seconds later.

Thankfully this time around I’ve managed to replace my handset with an Apple upgrade rather than having to adapt to Android. I cannot cope with Android, call me a tart, call me a snob, call me whatever you fancy but I’m an Apple girl through and through!

Happy Ten Year Wedding Anniversary & Happy New IPhone

Having spent almost an hour in the company of ‘Amy’, an O2 sales lady who reminded me very much of myself given that she too was a ginger, we seemed to share a similar sense of humour and most definitely have similar customer service skills, I walked away with a brand, spanking new rose gold IPhone 7 Plus. I have since setup, organised and arranged my apps, Music, photos and such like and am now finally able to make full use of my phone and I have to say it’s awesome!

Whilst I hate parting with my pennies I must say my previous phone was a little old (four years old to be precise), it’s battery was on its last legs and realistically speaking I guess it did my proud given the hammering that it took over the years.

Much like Paul my phone probably felt a little worse for wear after spending so long in my company. Speaking of which I’d best get my glad rags on and get ready for a night on the tiles, this time around though I will stay well away from the cocktails as I don’t fancy waking half-naked to find cold vomit in the sink… classy huh?



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