Happy Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today Paul and I tied the knot and became ‘Mr and Mrs’. It doesn’t feel as if eleven years have passed since that incredible day, yet so much has happened and changed since then it’s barely believable.

Happy Eleven Years

We’ve had some serious ups and downs over the years, it’s not been the easiest eleven years for either of us but it’s certainly been an adventure. Eleven years later we now have two amazing children, a wonderful house, a beautiful basset and a whole lot of happy memories to treasure.

I can imagine that having me as a wife isn’t the easiest of jobs, I am no angel and I am well aware that I’m incredibly high maintenance and at times can drive people to despair. However, we’ve managed to make it this far without committing murder which is impressive!

We may wind each other up something chronic but put together, Paul, the kids and and I are a pretty impressive team. Heres to making many more memories and to enjoying our future together as a family.


Happy Anniversary Paul

x xxx xxx xxx x



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