Get That Proposal Just Right!

When it comes to getting married, everyone has some kind of opinion on what’s right and what’s wrong. This is something that applies right from the very start. Even before dresses and bouquets and venues, a lot of people will tell you that there is only “one right way” to propose or be proposed to. The problem is that no one can agree on what that one right way actually is. The truth is that the perfect proposal is one that makes both you and your partner happy. So, even if it’s not all that traditional, here are some ways to make sure that your proposal is perfect.

Get That Proposal Just Right!


One of the main things that will impact the tone and style of a proposal is where it takes place. The most significant question to ask is: private or public? This can be a pretty contentious issue with some people claiming that a public proposal is compulsory and others insisting that it’s the worst thing you could possibly do. This is one of the biggest reasons to communicate with your partner because finding a place that’s meaningful is one of the most important aspects of a proposal. Whatever you choose, it’s a place that will have a lot of significance for you for the rest of your life.


Just like with the location of the proposal, how it actually happens is something that will depend heavily on what you really want and what kind of person you are. Maybe you want something big and flashy with balloons and streamers and a marching band. Or perhaps something more intimate with just you, your partner, and a candlelit dinner is more your speed. Remember, there really isn’t a right or wrong here, just about what you and your partner actually want and what kind of proposal will make you the happiest.

The ring

At the center of any proposal is, of course, the ring itself. For a lot of people, if there’s one thing you just have to get right is the ring. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to an engagement ring. The most traditional is, of course, the diamond ring. These diamond engagement rings from Whiteflash provide you with the perfect, traditional style that is utterly timeless. Of course, maybe you want something a little different. Some people choose to have a ring with their birthstone set into it. This can be a great way to make your ring feel totally unique to you.

A lot of people will say that a proposal should always be a surprise. But by working out a lot of the details together you not only ensure that it’s one that you will be happy with but it gets your marriage off to the best possible start: communicating with one another and striving to make each other happy. If you get off on the right foot, you will find that the following many years of marriage are going to be every bit as happy and exciting as they are right now.

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