Forever Friends

It’s taken me quite a long time to realise this but I’ve recently found that I have some seriously amazing friends on this Earth. Throughout the years as a school girl, a teenager, a college student and even whilst at Uni I was treated incredibly cruelly and as a result I never felt I had any real friendships as such.

However, as a mature adult I am now able to see the woods for the trees and whilst I may have been treated incredibly unfairly all those years ago I still managed to form friendships which are true to this day. Not only that but I have become close to people over the years building further friendships which put simply I couldn’t be without.

Years ago I would have classed a ‘get together’ as an evening with my three favourite men (Ben, Jerry and Jacob AKA a tub of ice cream and a bottle of wine for one). These days if I were to organise a gathering for my friends I wouldn’t know where to begin, one things for sure I’d need a decent sized venue!

It’s funny though isn’t it, we have these friendships with people and you start to wonder ‘If A were to meet B would they get along?’ Surely if they are both your friends then they would get on like a house on fire, it’s not always the case though is it. Also, theres different types of friends, those that you chat to in the playground, those that you meet up with for a coffee every now and then and those that you can sink a crate of wine whilst propped against the bar with.

Likewise there are those friends you might tell your deepest and darkest secrets to and there are those you find yourself withholding information from simply because you worry it could either mislead or possibly offend somebody somewhere somehow! Theres different horses for different courses and all that…

Forever Friends

Theres also the next level of friendship, the friend that you can spill all to and be safe in the knowledge that whatever may fall from your trap will be taken to the grave and beyond. The kindest, funniest, loyalist, more caring friends that have your back no matter how hard you may fall. In the same respect you would do anything for them, you want the very best for them and you’ve even considered illegal acts in jest of course simply to raise a smile upon their face.

Dee is the above, she is actually a cut above anybody I have ever known in terms of my friends. I cay say whole heartedly that upon meeting Dee I literally met my female soul mate. She’s the one as Robbie would say that I can tell anything to and know that I am in safe territory.

There is literally nothing that could shock this woman and given that we think along the same wave length and share a similar sense of humour our nights are often spent tittering like teenagers whilst texting each other till the early hours.

I couldn’t be without my Dee, my peppermint tea loving bestie. She deserves the very best and I’m going to try my damned hardest to ensure that she gets just that and more because that’s what friends are for.

Friends come and friends go but then there are those that are forever friends, I’m so flipping lucky that I’ve found mine along with all my other many friends. Life simply wouldn’t be the same without them!


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