Happy Twelve Years Together

This time twelve years ago I was nervously sitting in a cinema next to the man whom little did I know would very quickly become my soul mate and would one day be my husband and Father to my two wonderful children.

I remember our first date as if it was yesterday yet here we are twelve years down the line, happily married with two wonderful children, living as a family in our beautiful house surrounded by years of happy memories.

Happy Twelve Years Together

I’m fairly certain that Paul and I were written in the stars. I am pretty sure that if we hadn’t of met at work then it wouldn’t have been long before fate would have brought us together as we almost met countless times prior to actually finding each other. Some things are just meant to be

These past twelve years have been a journey, there have been some massive ups, some major downs and all the other in-between moments all of which we have dealt with together, as a couple and now as a team.

I never believed that I would ‘meet the one’ but life has a funny way of surprising us at times. I met a man who not only became my best friend, my lover, my fiance then my husband and Father to our children. I met a man who became my better half, my soul mate.

Happy Twelve Years Paul


Forever Yours






  1. February 13, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Aww that’s lovely. Isn’t fate funny. I think my husband and I met by lucky fluke and we wouldn’t have met again but the circumstances on that night brought us together and I’m so glad they did. It is lovely to be thankful especially in a world where moaning is more acceptable. Also lovely that it was the day before Valentine’s Day ❤️ Happy anniversary xx

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