We Have Been Together For Eleven Years!

Eleven years ago today I was in the middle of a wardrobe crisis deciding upon a first date outfit for an evening out to the cinema with the workplace hotty. Back then Paul had the look of the late Heath Ledger (when he starred in 10 Things), he had long dark curly hair, a goatee almost chinstrap and stubble I desperately wanted to run my hand over.

To be honest I was fairly sure the date would amount to either nothing whatsoever or at best, a one night stand as quite frankly, I saw Paul to be way out of my league. He was a ten, I was a two at best and so rather than the usual five-ten minute rush to get ready, I spent a fair amount of time straightening my mop and sticking on the slap whilst simultaneously smoking like a chimney to steady my nerves.

He arrived on time, there were only a few moments of awkwardness whilst we decided  how to spend our time prior to the film. Following that we went to a pub and talked endlessly, so much so that we forgot to order anything to eat!  We then ventured to the cinema to watch a horror flick. We must have been starving by that time as for most of the film we ate each other’s faces … Sorry that was way TMI but yah, I wasn’t wasting any time especially when I was doubtful it would last long!

The film was … What am I saying ? I wasn’t watching the film. What I will say is that I enjoyed being in the cinema that night. Not quite as much as I enjoyed the “coffee” back at my place afterwards. I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen and I really didn’t think he’d be there the next morning …

We Have Been Together For Eleven Years!

Eleven years later and I still wake to his face each morning, well actually I usually wake to Evelyn’s face kicking out the zzzzs between Paul and I but you get the picture.

So, in order to celebrate we are off out tonight to our favourite haunt to grab some food, actually we both know exactly what we’ll eat because being creatures of habit we always have the same as why bother trying something new when we both know exactly what  we want?

My parents are babysitting, which the kids both love, although it’s highly unlikely that E will be asleep by the time we get back as she’s a nightmare when it comes to sleeping for them (as she is for anyone and everyone, including us). We tend to get back around 10.30pm at the latest as we feel guilty leaving the kids for much longer, not for the kids sake but for the poor sods that volunteered to sit for our lovely, little, hyperactive poppets.

Paul kindly treated me to the new Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay, I’ve had a quick watch of some YouTube tutorials on smokey eyes using said palette but I ain’t no model nor am I great at following instructions. No doubt I’ll end up looking like I’ve been knocked about rather than like a knock out. It’ll be another failed it rather than nailed it moment I’m sure.

It may have been eleven years but I haven’t changed much (apart from in size following having carried two kids) as here I am again with another sodding wardrobe crisis! Why is it I have a wardrobe FULL of clothes yet I have naff all to wear?!



  1. July 19, 2016 / 10:56 am

    Happy Anniversary! It’s so lovely that you’ve been together so long. Hope you have a wonderful time. Also – you’re not the only one that struggles with doing a ‘smokey eye’ I’m exactly the same. I’ve watched so many tutorials but I still can’t get the hang of it haha. Just joined your linky for the first time – so glad I found it. xx


  2. July 19, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Congratulations! 11 years wow, that is such a cute post about your first date. Happy that you are still madly in love #TuesdayTreasures.

  3. July 20, 2016 / 10:44 am

    Happy Anniversary; I can’t believe you forgot to order food that’s hilarious 🙂 Enjoy your evening out – try and remember to order this time 😉 #TuesdayTreasures x

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