#LivingArrows – Road Closure

Some time on Thursday night a lorry decided to ram into the bridge that connects us to the next village, the road has since been shut and we are having to use the back roads to take the children back and forth to School and Nursery.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem as it usually takes the same amount of time to commute using either road. However, now that the main road is shut every man and their dog are using the back roads.

The back roads are narrow and aren’t really suitable to carry such a large amount of traffic. …

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#LivingArrows – Snuggling On The Sofa After School

We are so lucky to have children that actually get on with each other, don’t get me wrong they have their moments as we all do but for the majority of the time our kids happily play and spend time together.

J & E have a four-year age gap, there is the obvious gender difference and they are total polar opposites in terms of personality yet. They will both stretch that extra mile to take part in one and others activities whether its role-playing as a cowboys or reading books about fairy princesses, they are quite happy to do pretty much any activity so long as it’s together.…

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#LivingArrows – Autumn Indoors & Outdoors

It’s a bit blinking nippy outdoors now that it’s November. As much as I bang on about how kids need to get outside, it’s currently a bit brass monkeys for bouncing on the trampoline or running around the garden.

The fact that our garden seems to turn into a quagmire doesn’t help matters during the Winter, we still try our hardest to ensure that the kids get some fresh air by wrapping them up warm and walking the dog, having a quick blast around the park or weather depending.

Winter Walks

As much as I promote the outdoors to my little ones, there is nothing quite like keeping warm and snuggly indoors playing traditional games together.…

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#LivingArrows – Happy Halloween Spooky Spectacular

Happy Halloween and welcome to this weeks spooky spectacular #LivingArrows post. Halloween has finally arrived and the kids have enjoyed every moment.

Halloween finally arrived after weeks of random parties, discos and dress up days. The kids have both had a fantastic amount of use from each of their costumes this year, the outfits were both certainly money well spent!

Despite not feeling 100% I managed to walk around for an hour or so with the kids as they collected bucket loads of sweets and treats. The weather was fairly warm considering we are into November tomorrow, a perfect evening to stroll around with skeletons and such like.…

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#Living Arrows Live From London

Welcome to this weeks ‘Live From London’ edition of  #LivingArrows. We have had a fairly exhausting weekend rushing around trying to see and do as many things as possible. Here are a few snaps from today.

The Boys On The Bridge Monumental Moments

It’s our last evening ‘down South’ before we embark on yet another long drive. I’m looking forward to my own bed and a decent brew tomorrow evening.

It’s been a total blast, lots of memories have been made and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat once we have had chance to get some much-needed rest after battling the hustle and bustle.…

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