#LivingArrows – Playing With The Presents 

Welcome to this weeks Christmas edition of #LivingArrows. The presents have been unwrapped and the kids no longer have any excuses for being bored at any point over the next nine full non-school, non-nursery and non-scheduled days which they have at home for the holidays.

If I so much as hear a single sigh of what could possibly be boredom I have only to point to the mountain of presents which the kids received from family, friends, Santa and all his many elves to make my point noted.

I have really enjoyed the past few days despite all the bedlam in the run up to the big day and beyond.…

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#LivingArrows – The Christmas Isolation Unit 

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LivingArrows brought to you directly from the ‘Christmas isolation unit’. Poor E is even more covered in spots today despite there being hardly any room left for said additional spots.

I have spent the day huddled indoors suffering with four wall syndrome whilst attempting to keep my little chicken and her big brother entertained with random Christmas crafts and activities. My apologies but this weeks photos may be a little on the dull side for obvious reasons.

We decorated the Christmas cake…

And We Coloured Christmas Pictures.

We also watched several Christmas movies, put together numerous Peppa Pig jigsaws, played a couple of board games including J’s current favourite, Labyrinth.…

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#LivingArrows – Goodbye Bedroom

Last week Paul and I spent our last night in what has been ‘our bedroom’ for the past four and half years. Project ‘Extension’ is now complete and we are now happily settled into our ‘new room’ which is far larger and luxurious than we ever expected.

I thought I would use this weeks #LivingArrows post to share what is one of the last pictures of our bedroom before it became an empty vessel awaiting the transformation into a certain young mans bedroom.

As always at bedtime, here are our two little ones sharing a snuggle before settling down to sleep in their own beds which will also move into new rooms in the near future.…

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#LivingArrows – Looking Back At Christmas Past

With Christmas currently at the forefront of my mind it got me thinking how things have changed each Christmas for the past couple of years. I decided to use this weeks #LivingArrows post to take a little wander down memory lane to reflect on Christmas’s past.

J’s First Christmas

Here is J at my parents house on his first ever Christmas day, he is snuggled up to his Steiff Bear rolling around in his funky new walker. He seems so tiny in this photo, you can even make out the famous ‘crown’ stork marks on his forehead. Wow he’s grown and so many things have changed since way back then!…

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#LivingArrows – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Welcome to another week of #LivingArrows, my weekly post which I share a picture of each of our beautiful kidlets.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I was half expecting to be snapping indoor pictures with it now being Winter, Luckily though we have recently been blessed with some spectacular winter sunshine enabling us all to enjoy being out and about in the fresh air. There’s nothing quite like getting wrapped up warm and running around in the crisp, fresh, winter air to burn off some energy. Here are a couple of snaps which were taken oven the weekend.


King Of The Rock

We had a wonderful walk out to Swinside Stone Circle, J really enjoyed climbing the stones and of course posing for a few shots here and there.…

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