#LivingArrows – The Big Unwrap 52/52 (2020)

So here it is – the final Monday of 2020 and my final #LivingArrows post for the year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Donna (from What The Redhead Said) for hosting this wonderful linky that I’ve been part of now for oh… quite a few years. I’ll be sure to continue posting within this series throughout 2021. Despite this year being one of the most difficult that I’ve ever encountered, we’ve done our best to keep things as merry and as joyful as possible for the kids which judging by the piles of parcels which Santa delivered… View Post

#LivingArrows – Festive Feasting 51/52 (2020)

Having finished school for the Christmas holidays, we enjoyed a celebratory buffet as a ‘bubble family’, and the following day we were spoilt with yet more food as Mum kindly made us all sausage and mash – talk about festive feasting – I really need to watch my waistline! Although there are still a few days to go until Christmas, we pulled a few crackers and enjoyed some early festive family time together. This year is so far from normal that any joy we can offer the kids, we do so by the bucket full. Thank you for reading and… View Post

#LivingArrows – Letters To Santa 50/52 (2020)

God knows why I’ve asked my children to write their letters to Santa so late in the day, thankfully though almost everything that they have jotted down on their lists matches what’s hidden in my attic – can you imagine if it hadn’t? I think I would have suffered a mental breakdown… Our Little Lady Writing Her Letter To Santa Whether J still ‘believes’ or not is debatable, though I’m steering clear of asking any questions or probing his curiosity as his little sister E most definitely believes and I’d like it to stay that way. J Writing His Wishlist… View Post

#LivingArrows – Cooking & Convalescing 49/52 (2020)

It never rains but it pours as following my Fathers funeral, poor J came down with a terrible ear infection which required a weekend trip to A & E and two days off school to rest, recuperate, and to recover. Though his ears are still quite red and sore to touch, he seems far more spritely and so we’ve got our bags packed and at the ready to return to school in the morning. Whilst J and I have slept, snoozed and sofa surfed, E is full of beans and raring for Christmas to come, bless her. She’s been busy… View Post

#LivingArrows – Strength In Santa Hats & Sportswear 48/52 (2020)

Though it's been a very sad and rather strange couple of weeks for us all, the kids have shocked and stunned both Paul and I with their incredible strength and resilience. J may only be eleven years old but by Jove, he has such a wise head on his shoulders! He reminds me so much of my Dad as he just seems to know exactly what to say at the right time, meanwhile, E, bless her, is all sweetness and sunshine and can light up the room during the darkest of times. They are a pure pleasure and I'm not really sure where I'd be without them! View Post