#LivingArrows – Bank Holiday Brain Freeze 18/52 (2019)

We didn’t really make any plans for the bank holiday, we’ve enough going on over the next few weeks without adding further outings to the list. We decided to keep things simple by enjoying a lazy morning sofa surfing in our pjs before a picnic lunch and an outing to the beach with the basset.

Having taken our usual route along the shore, we made our way back by the park, opposite which resides the beach cafe. J & E had their heart set on having ice creams, but I was well aware that with it being a bank holiday our chances were slim.…

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#LivingArrows – Pride & Progress 17/52 (2019)

I’ve said this time and time again but I’ll say it once more – I couldn’t be a prouder parent. My kids may drive me up the wall and round the bend at times but I love them more than life itself. Not only do I vacuum and mop the floor upon which they walk, I worship the ground upon which they wander.

J is heading towards turning two-digits in age, I cannot believe that ten years have passed since I was the size of a house, desperate to meet my little man. The years have flown by – J is no longer little, he is now a rather tall and handsome young chap.…

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#LivingArrows – Awesome Easter 16/52 (2019)

We have had the most amazing bank-holiday weekend; it has been one of the best Easters that we have ever had. The sun has shone continuously for the entire time and we are now much-like Lindt bunnies as we are golden, sun-kissed and chocolate-filled – what more could you ask for?

Over the past four days we’ve enjoyed photo shoots, meals out, evenings out, time with friends, live music, egg hunts, swimming, beach walks, playing on the park, water play, garden games and time with the family – it has been absolutely awesome!

The kids were spoilt rotten with easter eggs, chocolate, money, books, toys and all sorts of treats over the weekend.…

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#LivingArrows – These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things 15/52 (2019)

I’m so lucky to be able to spend such a vast amount of time with my children, whereas once upon a time it was an entirely different story as I worked during the evenings. I’d miss spending time with kids, they would be out at school all day and following this I’d be out at work, we were like ships in the night and I suffered with immense guilt and I hated it.

These days I spend the mornings, the afternoons, the evenings and all weekend (every weekend!) with the kids and I couldn’t be happier. The kids are far happier too now that they have my full presence and attention almost every minute of every day.…

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#LivingArrows – The Grizedale Forest Zog Activity Trail 14/52 (2019)

As the sun was shining and the kids had been promised, we took the kids and the hound out for the day. We had originally planned to visit Jodrell Bank but due to time constraints we decided to visit somewhere a little closer to home – Grizedale Forest.

It was really nice to get out for the day and to spend time as a family with the hound in tow. There was no rush to return home due to the dog, we could literally spend as long as we liked just making the most of the good weather and the beautiful scenery.…

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