#LivingArrows – Loving Learning & Lighthouse Awards 17/52 2020

Touch wood, homeschooling seems to be going really well of late! The kids have been working really hard, so well in fact that our little lady has been awarded with the Lighthouse Award!

This meant that we had to create some sort of lighthouse for E to hold for photographic purposes. Having worked our socks off all week long, I decided that rather than crafting a lighthouse from Lego, loo rolls or whatever else, I’d save us all the effort and instead, take a sneaky snapshot whilst down the beach.

I’m so proud of our little Princess, she is finding it really tough at the moment as she misses her family and friends and despite being at home with her brother, it’s just not the same… We’ve had tears and the odd tantrum but she understands why we are in lockdown and does her best to get by.…

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#LivingArrows – Home School & Hama Beads 16/52 (2020)

The kids are doing so well considering the current lockdown malarkey – we’ve really got into the swing of homeschooling and between the four of us, we’ve established a pretty rocking routine!

Paul and Joe Wicks start the day with PE followed by Newsround and a short break. I then continue with spellings, handwriting, literacy, reading, grammar, writing, arithmetic, and mathematics before lunch.

Getting To Grips With Grammar

After lunch, the children enjoy some outdoor time before conducting a daily ‘colour hunt’. We then work upon their projects whether that be science, geography, history, art, music, Lego challenges or whatever floats our boat prior to a daily dog walk.…

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#LivingArrows – Easter Egg Design 15/52 (2020)

Happy Easter Monday, it’s been a fairly enjoyable easter here at least which considering the current circumstances is pretty good going.

The kids have certainly enjoyed taking part in various easter activities over the weekend including, of course, the obligatory egg hunt. We have also spent time colouring and decorating eggs, which we then sent to our loved ones.

The kids really miss their family and friends, which seemed to spur them into putting in the extra effort when it came to creating cards this year. It’s not easy being in lockdown, I myself find it difficult as an adult so cannot imagine how hard it must be as a child…

Easter at least gave the kids something positive to look forward to and to enjoy, though it’s back to the grindstone as home-schooling restarts tomorrow, which I guess will offer some sort of normality and routine at least.…

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#LivingArrows – Home Made Cakes & Cuts 14/52 (2020)

With it being Paul’s birthday the other week, I finally sourced some self-raising flour (thanks Mum!) and E and I set about baking what turned out to be one of the finest chocolate gateaux’s that I have ever tasted.

My little lady loves to don her apron and get busy in the kitchen, she’s such a dab hand when it comes to baking. These days all I need do is provide the ingredients, throw the trays in the oven and other than that, I can pretty much stand back and leave my little lady to it… she’s so awesome bless her!…

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#LivingArrows – Stretch & Dye 13/52 (2020)

As the kids are no longer at school both due to the recent ‘coronavirus lockdown’ and of course the easter holidays, I decided to cut them a little slack and let them go loose with some hair dye. It’s not as if either of them has to adhere to any uniform regulations for some time so why not? 

J has been desperate to dye his hair green ever since we chalked his hair green a few weeks ago, E on the other hand quite fancied a touch a pink but given that we had ‘green on the go’ she too opted to ‘go green’.…

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