#LivingArrows – Happy Hopping & Homework 39/52 (2020)

How is it that kids can go from being distraught to delighted in a matter of minutes? Honestly, I spent almost the entire day worrying myself sick as poor J had got himself into a bit of a tizzy over a bus journey. As it turns out, he arrived home safe and sound, with a smile on his face acting as cool as a cucumber, and if this morning’s many messages (which he sent me whilst in distress) were a figment of my imagination!

Meanwhile, E went to school with a limp, claiming to have a sore foot which I also spent most of this morning worrying myself over only to find that this afternoon shes quite literally hopping through the kitchen happy as larry.…

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#LivingArrows – Power On & Push Through 38/52 (2020)

Whilst the kids seem to have settled into their daily routine, I on the other hand feel as if I’m juggling a million plates and I’m a little worried that at some point I’m going to end up smashing a plate or two…

I feel so up and down- I’ve spent the past three or four weeks wrapping my head around so many changes and just as I start to find some balance and dare to feel settled, BOOM – I receive yet more bad news and I’m three spaces back from where I started.

Thankfully the kids seem to coping really well despite the current chaotic circumstances, and though I’m stressed about their safety (and believe a second lockdown needs to come sooner rather than later) I’m so proud of how they are taking the new measures and new routines in their stride.…

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#LivingArrows – Time Out With Tech 37/52 (2020)

After spending almost six months stuck at home, the kids have relished getting back into a routine and seem to really enjoy being back at school. Though come four o’clock, they are both completely bushed – which is totally understandable considering that J has a half-an-hour car journey to and from school each day and E spends that time waiting with her Nana and Grandad following a busy day at school.

Time Out With Tech

IPad & Chill

As you can imagine, the kid’s days are far busier than during lockdown and I’m not in the slightest bit surprised that by tea time, they are both tuckered out!…

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#LivingArrows – Back To School 36/52 (2020)

Though I usually share two photos as part of the #LivingArrows series, this week I’ve chosen to share just one – the annual obligatory ‘back to school’ snapshot which I captured the night before the chaos commenced.

Though we’ve been back for almost a week now, it still all feels so new as J is now at secondary school, E is now a junior, Paul now has a new role as manager and I have started working somewhere new in a completely new role which feels ever so slightly alien at present.

Though it’ll take time, I’m sure that we will eventually grow accustomed to the new positions, places, and the return to a routine but it’s not easy, especially not with all the ‘new but not so normal’ measures.…

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#LivingArrows – So Long Summer 35/52 (2020)

Summer has come to a close and whilst I’m rather sad to kiss goodbye to our time together as a family, I’m also rather relieved to return to a routine and to nestle into a little normality…

The kids have spent their final week off enjoying time with family and friends, taking trips to the park, having a hair cut (in J’s case), going for strolls along the shore, and relaxing whenever and wherever possible prior to chaos commencing as September arrives and school begins.

Park Play


And so that’s it – summer is officially over! Here’s hoping that we move onto an into September safely.…

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