#LivingArrows – The Apples Of My Eye 41/53 (2018)

We are forever encouraging our little ones to eat more fruit and veg. In all honesty they are pretty good with their fruit, it’s just the vegetables we need to work upon.

Thankfully we are able to fool both J and E into eating almost ten vegetables in one sitting through the power of soup. Oh soup, it’s such a wonderful dish especially during the autumn months. We really ought to make more soup, at least try a wider range of recipes as the children seem fixated upon one specific soup which although I adore, can become tiresome at times.

We try to stick to the ‘five a day rule’ and have even found products such as pizzas with hidden goodies in to ease the pressure.…

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#LivingArrows – Together At The Table 40/53 (2018)

Whilst I may detest the decor in our current kitchen, it seems to be the one place where we gather and spend time together as a family. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and I believe this to be true. Not only do we sit around the table as a family for meal times but we also sit together whilst doing homework, painting, playing with play-dough, drawing, playing board games, baking and all kinds of activities.

Peaceful Play-Dough Play

It’s whilst sat around the table that we share snacks, drinks and the stories from our day; it’s our ‘go to place’ after a busy day.…

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#LivingArrows – Like Mother Like… 39/53 (2018)

I am often surprised by how alike my children are to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that they share my genes and spent just over nine months swimming around in my womb. However, I never really expected for either of them to look like or to act like me in any way, I’m pretty unique as are my children for that matter.

After Maisy, our beautiful but beastly basset brought me half a mangled slipper, I splashed out and treated myself to a new pair of slippers. Said slippers arrived through the post earlier this week and as nothing seems to be precious in this house, within an hour of them arriving E had already laid claim to my fluffy foot warmers.…

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#LivingArrows – Little Learners 38/53 (2018)

The children have been back at school for a fortnight now, they both seem incredibly happy and settled with their new teachers in their new classrooms and likewise, if my children are happy – then I too am a happy bunny.

In order to support and to strengthen our children’s learning, we spend about an hour each evening sat at the table working upon their reading, writing, spelling, mathematics and or any other subject they may have brought home to research or revise. Thankfully, the kids seem quite happy to sit and to do their homework each evening, they too understand that it’s an important part of the day which has become part of their regular routine.…

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#LivingArrows – Back To School 37/53 (2018)

It’s been almost a week since the kids went back to school: J is now in year five and E has moved up to year one, despite protesting that having turned five years old, she should therefore be in the reception class. According to E, reception class is for four and five years olds thus should be where she should remain. We explained over and over to E that year one is for five and six year olds, yet she refused to acknowledge or to accept this information and it wasn’t until her first day back at school that she finally understood.…

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