Living Arrows – Smiles From Within

Welcome to another week of ‘Living Arrows‘. Each week I share two photographs of my children to celebrate their progress in the walk of life. Here are this weeks contributions:

Here is my super seven-year old with his favourite Birthday gift. In this photo he is of course playing Minecraft, his favourite game that he was also given for his birthday. J will soon be joining the local Minecraft club and attending meetings each Friday to do whatever it is you do on the game that I can only liken to catnip for kids. I am pretty sure that he will enjoy the new club as from what I’ve heard it’s right up his street.…

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Living Arrows – Fun In The Sun

We were fairly lucky with the weather again this week. The radio was playing, the windows were open, the parasol put up and the garden toys came out. Here are two of my favourite sunny shots from this week to celebrate Living Arrows.

Little Miss Sunshine

The Pair Of Them In The Paddling Pool

Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to catching up with your ‘Living Arrows’ either through your own posts or comments upon this post.…

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Living Arrows Sunshine Days 

Welcome to this weeks ‘Living Arrows SunShine Days’ edition. The warmer weather seems to have completely converted my usual ‘get up and go’ into ‘chill out and slow’…It’s been a particularly slow going day, after cuddling a coughing toddler until 5am we were both fairly snail-like, thus this post is a tad late. Hey ho, when a toddlers ill you gotta go with the flow!

The Suns been out this week and usually hot weather inspires me to take uggins of photos, this week it seems I’ve been too busy soaking up the sun and having fun, but then that’s what life’s all about right?…

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Little Chef Living Arrows

It’s Monday once again, Bank Holiday Monday to be precise. If I haven’t already explained ‘Living Arrows’ is a blog series/ linky focused on celebrating childhood. The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday I will be sharing two photographs from the past week to celebrate childhood and as part of Living Arrows.

We love baking in our household, E is such a little chef and loves to measure out the ingredients, stir the mix and of course, most of all she likes to lick the bowl when we’ve finished. …

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Living Arrows By The Beach

As promised, here I am again sharing my selected snapshots from the week as it’s Monday aka Living Arrows linky day. As I explained in my previous ‘LA’post, I will be sharing two of my favourite photos from the week each and every Monday. So here goes…

It’s not often I manage to capture the kids together, whilst sometimes they may both feature in a shot, it’s very rare that they are still enough for long enough to snap a decent picture of together, never mind with them both looking towards the camera. This particular picture is not only one of my favourite photos for this week but it is a shot which stands out so much that I think I may actually get it printed and possibly framed.…

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