#LivingArrows – Pictures From The Poolside 33/52 (2017)

We’ve had a fabulous day swimming and splashing about at the local water park with the kids. We managed to avoid the queues thanks to our all inclusive wrist bands and grab a couple of sun loungers despite the park practically bursting at the seams with sun worshippers.

We have had a bite to eat and plan to spend what’s left of our final afternoon in Majorca resting by the poolside before heading out to town to buy some last minute presents ready for our journey back home tomorrow.

It’s been an interesting holiday, the hotel certainly wasn’t what I expected but rather than ranting I’ll simply say that in future I’ll steer clear of oversized family based complexes and opt for smaller, quieter accommodation ideally close to town or by the beach.…

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#Living Arrows – Travel Time 32/52 (2017)

So much for a smooth journey, we’ve already had at least six toilet stops, one child vomit (all over the freshly cleaned pram) and one child have a total melt down.

Thankfully after a well-deserved beer and a burger things seem back on track. I may have been asked “are we there yet” more times than I care to count but as of yet I’ve kept my cool.

Paul and I found ourselves glancing over at the DINKY (double income no kids yet) couples enjoying quiet drinks by the bar and whilst it may have seemed idyllic in comparison to our chaos we wouldn’t swap our sprogs for the World.…

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#LivingArrows – The Horse Whisperer & The Karate Kid 31/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks rather late edition of #LivingArrows, a weekly post in which I share a few snaps of my little ones and tell you a little about what they may or may not have been up to.


The Horse Whisperer

Our little lady E will shortly turn four-years old which means that she will finally be old enough to ride a horse with insurance which of course is precisely what she intends to do following the big day. Already E delights in watching the beautiful beasts as the gallop past her whilst wandering along the beach.

I too am an avid horse rider but sadly unable to afford the cost or the possibility of breaking a bone that riding presents.…

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#LivingArrows – Blissfully Bored 30/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LivingArrows, a weekly post in which I share a snap or two of my little ones. I love participating in this linky as not only does it push me to take photos of my children each week but it also creates a fantastic memory bank on which to look back upon in years to come.

The holidays are officially here, the children are no longer trudging back and forth to School or Nursery each day, there is no longer a rigid routine to stick to and whilst I love being free to be able to come and go as we please, I also miss the routine as the both the children and I lack direction.…

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#LivingArrows – Beach Days 29/52 (2017)

Following a busy day at School there’s nothing quite like letting some steam off with a brisk walk down the beach. We are so lucky to live on the coast, the kids spend endless amounts of time running up and down the beach, collecting seashells, building sand castles, throwing pebbles and picking a few to paint once back at home. I on the other hand watch on as the kids have fun, sand between my toes, the sunshine upon my skin as the fresh air blows the cobwebs away. A simple stroll upon the sand can do wonders for the heart, soul and mind.…

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