#LivingArrows – Creative Kids 10/52 (2019)

I’d like to think that our kids get their creativity from Paul and I, whether that’s true who knows. Either way both J & E are incredibly creative kids, who seem at their happiest when sat at the table with their colouring pens and crayons.

Little Miss Mindful

E has become rather taken with what we refer to as ‘mindful colouring’ whereas J has transferred his skills to his laptop, which he is now using to create a range of comic strips and animations upon.

Little Graphics Guy

Whilst I’m forever trying to find homes for the kids endless piles of pictures, portraits and such-like, I couldn’t be a prouder parent. …

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#LivingArrows – Ready To Rock World Book Day 9/52 (2019)

Being actively involved within Education, I was more than aware that ‘World Book Day’ was fast approaching. However, I somehow left things till last-minute thus missing the postage deadlines to purchase costumes or hats for the kids to wear. As my children have been asked to cast their costumes aside in favour for a hat, I was half hoping things would a little easier this year. Who was I kidding?!

E had it in her head that she wanted to be Mary Poppins. Could I find a suitable hat? Could I heck as like! J very kindly lent us his grey hat to cover in ribbon and flowers, which I ran around like a mad woman finding and purchasing as the local florist happened to be shut – typical! …

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#LivingArrows – Wacky World 8/52 (2019)

Late last year Paul booked us all in for a fun-filled day at Wacky World – an inflatable assault course which tours the UK, offering entertainment at an exhausting level.

Neither J or E had seen anything of the sort before and were thrilled at the chance to let off some steam and to build up a sweat. It was so wonderful to watch the kids as they ran around ‘Wacky World’ giving anything and everything a go.

Our Ninja Warrior

The kids had no fear, they were more than happy to throw themselves from great heights clattering into crash mats.…

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#LivingArrows – Manic Monday 7/52 (2019)

It hasn’t been the most relaxed nor restful start to the half term holidays. I spent this morning visiting the A&E department for a second set of X-rays to assess the damage done during a fall earlier last week, meanwhile Paul took the dog to the vets (where she was being spayed and having a lump removed from her head) then left the kids with my folks before rushing off to take the Mini for a service.

Having established that the fracture is in fact ripped ligaments, I then made my way to Tesco where I played trolley dash before meeting up with Paul and heading towards Asda for a bite to eat.…

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#LivingArrows – Our Mini Driver & Little Lego Lover 6/52 (2019)

With less than a week to go until half term the kids are more than ready for a holiday. It doesn’t feel like all that long ago since we were off for Christmas, yet the kids and I are both in much-need of a well-earned rest. We haven’t a huge amount planned for the half term, I’ve a few appointments written in the diary but other than that, I’m trying to keep our schedule fairly clear.

Our Little Lego Lover

Having watched the Lego Movie 2 over the weekend, J is now set upon adding to his ever-growing Lego collection with yet more plastic-fantastic sets.…

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