#LivingArrows- Back To Team Base 23/52 (2019)

Having spent three days needlessly worrying about my little man last week, I’m far happier now that he is back at base, here at home.

We function best as a team – when one or more of us is absent things just aren’t the same. Whilst I’m all for having the odd kid-free evening to spend some time as a couple, I’m far more at ease when the kids are sleeping soundly in their own beds.

Happy To Be Home – Hugs With The Hound

Lord knows how I’ll fare in however many years time when the kids grow up and decide its time to fly the nest, I don’t even wish to contemplate that concept at present.…

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#LivingArrows – In My Imagination 22/52 (2019)

Just like that – we are back to school and back into a routine (of sorts) for the final half term before the summer holidays commence. It doesn’t feel much like summer though, this time last year we were sunning ourselves out on loungers whilst sipping icy drinks as the kids kept cool in the paddling pool.

The weather isn’t quite what it was this time last year, nowhere near to be precise. I’m currently cuddled up in a fluffy dressing gown and don’t plan on getting my legs out anytime soon. As the weather hasn’t been all that, we were stuck indoors for much of the half term holiday, this didn’t stop us having fun though!…

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#LivingArrows – Passing Time & Pyjama Parades 21/52 (2019)

For the first time in ages, I’ve spent the entire day in the house. There was no reason for me to leave at any point during the day and it felt great to remain confined in the comfort of my four wall fortress. The kids have been out and about with their Dad playing in the cul-de-sac on their bikes, balance boards and go-karts whilst I busied myself with housework.

I feel so much better for having spent time cleaning, tidying and organising the house. We’ve vacuumed, vaxed, mopped, polished and sorted through each and every room whilst the kids kept themselves entertained with reading, drawing, colouring and building Lego.…

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#LivingArrows – Happy 10th Birthday J 20/52 (2019)

It’s official, our little man is now double digits. I’m not entirely sure where those ten years went but they’ve certainly passed as out little man ain’t all that little anymore!

Happy 10th Birthday J

Despite spending his birthday at school, J has had a brilliant birthday. We got up early so that he had plenty of time to open his many cards and presents, he then spent the day with his friends having fun at the local Museum before coming home and opening yet more presents, blowing out his candles and eating shed loads of cake. Having waited for over an hour for Paul and I to assemble his new drum kit, he eventually had time playing with that too.…

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#LivingArrows – Snakes & Sleepovers 19/52 (2019)

Talk about a busy weekend; we literally didn’t stop for a moments rest, well I didn’t at least. I swear my children think I’m their roady, I’m forever ferrying them to and fro various events.

E spent the entire weekend being the social butterfly that she is, attending not one but two birthday parties and a sleepover at her Grandparents. Having dressed to impress with sparkles galore, E arrived at the party brimming with confidence, so much so that she was happy to add further accessories to her outfit in the form of a snake…

That’s right, my precious little princess decided to rock wearing a reptile and whilst at it, she made friends with a frog, stroked some rats, petted a tortoise and lounged with a lizard.…

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