#LivingArrows – The Dozing Duo 38/52 (2017)

It’s been a really lonnnnnng day which considering that it’s only Monday isn’t the best start to the week. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard the day has been, there is always two little faces with shocking senses of humour that can soon snap me straight out of a funk.

If you’ve read my previous blog post you will be aware that I introduced our car to a wall earlier this afternoon which resulted in a rather pricey trip to the local garage. Whilst discussing this issue with the husband over tea (the meal which us Northern folk usually eat between 5-7pm) J interjected by asking whether the wall cried when it was hit.…

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#LivingArrows – Swings & Roundabouts 37/52 (2017)

Now the kids are back at School, I am finally getting myself back into some form of routine and it feels really good. In just three days I’ve managed to get a crap load of jobs done and hopefully come this time next week when E starts her ‘morning’ School routine I might just find a little time to myself.

Despite E being out of the house for only two hours each afternoon I still miss her terribly and it doesn’t matter how many people tell me that she’s settled and safe, I cannot help but to worry. Our little Princess is no longer a pre-schooler, she is now a fully fledged four-year old with attitude and shiny, patent school shoes to boot!…

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#LivingArrows – Beach Buddies 36/52 (2017)

Welcome to another instalment of #LivingArrows, the last #LivingArrows post prior to the start of yet another academic year!

Whilst most of the UK have returned to school, my children don’t start back until Thursday which gives us that little bit of extra time together to enjoy activities while things are a little quieter.

I’m all for jumping in the car and heading out for the day but quite often I find it’s the simple things which work best and the children seem to enjoy the most. A simple trip to the beach and a stroll on the sand is often far easier and cheaper than setting up camp in a random theme park or worse, soft-play hell.…

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#LivingArrows – Pirates & Ponies 35/52 (2017)

We’ve had an action packed week, we literally haven’t stopped from one day to the next and quite frankly I’m exhausted! One things for sure, we’ve certainly kept the kids entertained throughout the summer holidays, how either of them ever dare ever complain of boredom is beyond me.

As you may have read in my previous posts, E enjoyed her first ever horse riding lesson earlier this week. Considering that she’s only four-years old I personally think she did really well and I’m hoping that with time and practice that we may be able to trot down the beach together in years to come.…

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#LivingArrows Birthday Takes & Cakes 34/52 (2017)

Although it is technically E’s fourth birthday tomorrow (how the hell is my little lady four-years old already?!) we celebrated slightly earlier, throwing a party in our garden with family and friends which was much-enjoyed by all.

Here are a few shots of the kids taken during the party which despite being low-key was a super shindig, E was spoilt rotten with gifts and had an amazing time bouncing on the castle, trampoline and god knows what else, running around the garden and the house and generally burning off some serious energy with her friends and family.

Blowing Out The Candles – Take/ Cake 1

Blowing Out The Candles – Take/ Cake 2

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