#LivingArrows – Team Tinsel 49/52 (2017)

With only twenty-one days until Christmas although whose counting? we dusted the decorations off and put our best efforts into getting them up and around the house over the weekend.

The kids were under strict instructions to work as a team whilst tarting up the tree with boxes full of gold and white baubles, stars and such-like, all of which they placed perfectly upon the tree with a little guidance from the Grinch AKA their OCD Mother whom watched from afar suffering with decorating distress at the idea of six baubles hanging from a single branch.

The children were reminded to stand back from time to time to gain a better view of which areas of the tree required dressing, not only did they do this but they also managed to do so without falling out or having a paddy.…

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#LivingArrows – Butterflies & Battleships (48/52) 2017

Our little lady was invited to yet another birthday party over the weekend which despite feeling unwell earlier in the week she attended with her Daddy whilst I took J along to work with me for a little experience in the entertainment industry.


Butterfly Princess

Whilst at the party E had her face painted, a tattoo printed onto her arm and made full use of the inflatable castles tiring her little body into a tizz. Bless, she seemed to have oodles of fun whilst she was there but due to being under the weather was unable to make it through the full extent of the party.…

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#LivingArrows – A Big Birthday & Magic Moments (47/52) 2017

It was the children’s Great Nana Margy’s ninety ninth Birthday today, can you Adam and Eve it? I certainly couldn’t imagine getting to ninety-nine and looking so blumming good for my age never mind getting to that age at all.

With just one year to go before Margy turns three figures I’m damned sure that she’s a family hero or a heroin should I say. I myself no longer have any Grandparents and haven’t for many years now, whereas my husband Paul still has his beloved Nana Margy and his Grandad Da which is wonderful to see and especially so for the children.…

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#LivingArrows – Coffee & Cake On A Cold Winter’s Day 46/52 (2017)

It’s nippy now that it’s November, the heating has been cranked up, the washing line is no longer of use and the hats, scarves and gloves have become an everyday essential.

The children don’t seem to care less whether its hot, cold, wet or dry so long as they are able to get out and about to run amuck in the fresh air. They have limitless amounts of energy and a massive lust for life which is fabulous but they behave much like monkeys on crack which explains the endless tears, rips and scratches I’m forever fixing on their clothing and shoes. …

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#LivingArrows – Sparklers & Sleigh Bells 45/52 (2017)

With less than fifty days to go before the big day arrives I have finally got my backside into gear in terms of Christmas. I’ve spent this afternoon pulling the contents of my wardrobe tops down to get an idea of the bits and pieces which I have managed to collect in the run up to the chaos which is Christmas.

Meanwhile the kids were busy at School no doubt sharing their stories from Bonfire Night. Here are a couple of pictures of the children which were taken yesterday at the local Fireworks display. It was certainly brisk outside but we made sure that we each wore many layers, staying wrapped up with warm rosy cheeks as we stood by the fire.…

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