#LivingArrows – These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things 15/52 (2019)

I’m so lucky to be able to spend such a vast amount of time with my children, whereas once upon a time it was an entirely different story as I worked during the evenings. I’d miss spending time with kids, they would be out at school all day and following this I’d be out at work, we were like ships in the night and I suffered with immense guilt and I hated it.

These days I spend the mornings, the afternoons, the evenings and all weekend (every weekend!) with the kids and I couldn’t be happier. The kids are far happier too now that they have my full presence and attention almost every minute of every day.…

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#LivingArrows – The Grizedale Forest Zog Activity Trail 14/52 (2019)

As the sun was shining and the kids had been promised, we took the kids and the hound out for the day. We had originally planned to visit Jodrell Bank but due to time constraints we decided to visit somewhere a little closer to home – Grizedale Forest.

It was really nice to get out for the day and to spend time as a family with the hound in tow. There was no rush to return home due to the dog, we could literally spend as long as we liked just making the most of the good weather and the beautiful scenery.…

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#LivingArrows – Healing For The Half Term 13/52 (2019)

Whilst I’d made a long list of plans for the half term, I have put them to one side for the time being as both J & E began their holidays with a bug. Having spent the weekend resting and recuperating, I’m hoping that we can get things back on track and get out and about whilst we have the time together.

E spent the majority of the weekend either snuggling on the sofa or glued to my side, I hate seeing her unwell and other than cuddles and Calpol, there’s very little else I can do.

Despite being a little under the weather, she was adamant that she wanted to go swimming on Sunday.…

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#LivingArrows – Park Life 12/52 (2019)

What better after a busy day at school than a play on the park and a quick walk along the beach? Ice creams all round? Yeh – that would have been even better, only the beach cafe happened to be shut that afternoon, much to my children’s disappointment.

I’ve said it time and time again but we are so lucky to live where we do, the beach only a stones throw away – it makes for the perfect place to visit at the end of the day, somewhere to wind down before heading home.

I would once have to run around after the kids, helping them to climb up random obstacles whereas these days I’m more of an observer, they no longer require Mummy to run around after them, they keep each other entertained – J has even mastered the art of getting both his sister and himself onto the zip wire which is both sweet and rather scary to watch.…

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#LivingArrows – Working For The Weekend 11/52 (2019)

As I said in my previous post, weekends simply aren’t long enough! It doesn’t matter how hard we try to get everything done and dusted there’s always appointments, places to be and things to do either in or out of the house.

If I were to list of all the things that we do over the weekend, I’d either bore you to tears or waste quite a few sheets of A4 paper. I am well aware that our schedule is a little squeezed over the weekend yet the kids are quite happy to muck in and to do their bit.

Having taken our little lady to her swimming lesson (which is a fifty-minute drive away), I was suddenly aware that I was driving what felt like a skip on wheels.…

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