#LivingArrows – Cooking & Convalescing 49/52 (2020)

It never rains but it pours as following my Fathers funeral, poor J came down with a terrible ear infection which required a weekend trip to A & E and two days off school to rest, recuperate, and to recover. Though his ears are still quite red and sore to touch, he seems far more spritely and so we’ve got our bags packed and at the ready to return to school in the morning.

Whilst J and I have slept, snoozed and sofa surfed, E is full of beans and raring for Christmas to come, bless her. She’s been busy baking brownies in the kitchen with her Dad this week, although I’d usually consume our little ladies cooking fairly quickly, I’ve barely any appetite at present and so we’ve got tins full of goodies to get through!…

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#LivingArrows – Strength In Santa Hats & Sportswear 48/52 (2020)

Though it’s been a very sad and rather strange couple of weeks for us all, the kids have shocked and stunned both Paul and I with their incredible strength and resilience.

J may only be eleven years old but by Jove, he has such a wise head on his shoulders! He reminds me so much of my Dad as he just seems to know exactly what to say at the right time, meanwhile, E, bless her, is all sweetness and sunshine and can light up the room during the darkest of times. They are a pure pleasure and I’m not really sure where I’d be without them!…

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#LivingArrows – Goodbye Grandad 47/52 (2020)

As a parent, I make it my mission to protect my kids from harm’s way, and as much as I try to shield them from hurt and from sorrow, sadly there are some things in life which I simply cannot alter nor protect any of us from. 

Though the kids have experienced the loss of a beloved pet a few years back, I was hoping and expected that losing a loved one would be an issue we would avoid until they are far older. Sadly that is not the case as last week my beloved Father lost his battle to brain cancer and as a result, J and E have lost their Grandad and though they are putting on very brave faces, I know just how much they’ll miss him.…

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#LivingArrows – School Snaps 46/52 (2020)

With the first term of school well and truly under their belts, J & E had their first senior and junior school shots snapped last week. To save some pennies, I decided to order digital rather than physical copies of the photos this year, it’s far cheaper and easier to print my own copies of these snaps on photo-quality paper for those who may wish to place my lovely little ones upon their mantlepieces.

J’s First Senior Snapshot E’s First Junior Snapshot

It seems odd seeing J dressed in navy rather than red, I know that E misses having him around at school but she’s doing well and with covid regulations, classes are no longer mixing anyhow.…

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#LivingArrows – A Piece Of Cake 45/52 (2020)

Ever since they were very little, our kids have both loved to bake. Whether it be biscuits, fairy cakes, swiss rolls, or cheese scones, our kids love nothing more than to don their aprons and to get busy in the kitchen. 

The Queen of The Tarts

Though I’d love to get a new kitchen for us all to enjoy baking in, we are currently waiting for new windows which thanks to the pandemic, may take some time. Only once the windows are done can we make a start on stripping what is currently an eighties abomination of floral tiles and wooden units. …

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