#LivingArrows – The Worst Witch for World Book Day & Our Paintshop Pro 10/52 (2021)

This week we celebrated World Book Day, and though the kids weren’t in school E was delighted to dress up as Mildred from ‘The Worst Witch’ and she is super excited as come this Friday she gets to dress up all over again but this time, she can wear her outfit in school. I won’t lie, I was super nervous about dropping E off at school earlier this morning and though she was a little apprehensive, it was great to see her trotting her into the classroom surrounded by her friends. Finally, she will be able to experience a little… View Post

#LivingArrows – Spring Has Sprung 09/52 (2021)

So here we are in March – spring has officially sprung and to celebrate the change of the season, that big yellow ball in the sky is shining bright. It’s a beautiful day outside and though we’ve spent much of our time racing around attending various online classes, carrying out homeschool tasks and all that malarkey, it’s now the end of the ‘working day’ and we can finally kick back and enjoy some rays. Springing into … Spring Park Play With Nana B With less than a week to go until the kids make a return to reality, I’m starting… View Post

#LivingArrows – The Lockdown Look 08/52(2021)

So here we are, at the second half of the second academic term of the year still living in lockdown. Don’t get me wrong, I personally believe it’s much better for us to be staying safe at home than risking our health (and possibly our lives) by being out and about, but my goodness me, lockdown ain’t easy! I’m quite the organised soul and so keeping track of meetings, tasks, work set and all the things that the kids need to be getting on with whilst homeschooling is fine and dandy for me but I’m well aware that the kids… View Post

#LivingArrows – Hot Tub Happy 07/52 (2021)

Though it’s been brass monkeys outside this week, it didn’t stop the kids jumping into their swimming costumes and hopping into our recent addition, the hot tub. What I had imagined being a relaxing soak under the stars became a swirling, whirling, chaotic splash about in the disco-light flashing hot tub accompanied by two overexcited, giggly children… so much for kicking back and taking five! Splash and Smile Happy Days The weather is now much milder and sadly as a result of the temperature increase, it’s now rather wet and windy which doesn’t make for happy hot tubbing. Thankfully Paul… View Post

#Living Arrows – Cookies & Class Meets 06/52 (2021)

After a six-week hard slog, it’s the final week of homeschool before half term finally arrives and we can all take a much-needed break from the books. Though things seem somewhat easier this week, we’ve still been busy ‘zipping and zooming’ around getting as much as we can done and dusted, whilst ensuring that the kids attend their required online meetings and complete the work which has been set. Zoom Ready Biscuit Baking E has rather enjoyed attending this week’s regular Zoom classes as she misses her school friends, whilst J has taken great pleasure in making and baking a… View Post